About johanna

Hi there,

I'm Johanna. Lover of sunshine, lattes and laughing till my stomach hurts. Avid vegetable eater, active instagrammer, and wannabe dog Mom.

I live in Winnipeg Canada. Over the last couple years I've been studying Instagram and personal branding like it's my second degree. Now I know what works. I've had the unique opportunity to work alongside influencers and bloggers as a photographer, copy writer and content strategist. It's a unique job & I’ve learned so much about what happens behind the scenes of Influencer marketing.

I've made my website so I can share my services but also teach you everything I know about content creation, working for influencers, personal branding and Instagram marketing. I'm intensely passionate about this stuff so please soak up all the info in my blog posts and put it into action! 

Send me a message if you want to work together or get coffee, or have virtual coffee. I want to be friends. Hit me up with questions, or comments, or your life story.. whatever you feel!