travelling photographer

for influencers and bloggers



rates + portfolio

Years of planning and executing photo shoots for influencers and curating lifestyle content have given me an eye for candid, fun, blissfully easy photography, and I'd love to travel with you and get those gram-worthy shots.




cost of travel/ACCOMMODATION/meals + $200USD flat rate per day. 



Different shoots have different editing styles because I edit based on the influencer’s aesthetic.
You’re welcome to edit your own photos, or I can edit them for you in your style.

the ever-stunning: remi ishizuka

as smart as she is cute: cassidy

the kind and talented: jes sparks

the fierce and resilient: rachel

Cutie patootie: Christina

A lover and a light: aislynn

Like I said,

I'd love to be your travel companion

and right-hand babe.

I'm packed and ready — are you?