11 Ways to Make Your Instagram Stories More Aesthetically Pleasing


You’ve probably seen those accounts with intense designs in their Instagram stories. Some that look like they are filmed on an old camera, or those ones where the photo is framed by what looks like ripped paper. Then there are the stories with multiple photos of video clips within one slide, (how do they do that?!). Of course it’s all thanks to secondary apps.

In my opinion these types of stories are really distracting. I watch stories for quick and simple entertainment, I’m not trying to look at a complicated scrapbook even if it does help tell the story. But that is just my opinion.

If you’re interested in some of these apps I did a little research for you:

Apps To Make Your Instagram Stories More Fun

Unfold - Gives a bunch of minimal layouts that allow you to put multiple photos or videos on one slide and add text

Snow - Overlays for videos. Gives the vintage filters

Phonto - Gives you a ton of options to put text on photos. They have a ton and you can add your own.

So those are 3 apps you can use if you like that stuff! But what I believe is that you can have aesthetically pleasing on brand stories without adding all the bells and whistles but instead simply using photo editing and the tools within Instagram stories to stand out!

Make Your IG Stories Stand Out.jpg

11 Ways To Make Your IG Stories More Aesthetically Pleasing (without using secondary apps)

1. Get Sketchy!

Use simple lines to create sketched icons like a sun or flower, or draw a simple border


2. Double Layer a Font

For this you choose one font and type out the same word 2-3 times. Put each word in a different colour then layer them on top of each other just a liiiitle bit off set to create a shadowed effect.


3. Curve the Font

You can create a curve effect with your font by positioning each letter individually around something in your images such as a smoothie bowl, or the rim of a coffee mug. Full disclosure this one is super finicky so be patient.


4. Mix Up The Fonts

I strongly believe in having 1 default font for you stories along with a default colour palette with just a few colours you use on your stories. This help your audience recognize the content as yours without even having to see the username or image in the top left hand corner. But when it comes to creativity or grabbing attention then using one of the other fonts can serve you well! Try using one font as a headline for your story and then a different font for the bulk of the text in the case of you talking to the camera.


5. Each Letter Gets A Different Colour

In this case you’re simply changing the colour of each letter in a word to help it stand out.

6. Use the Drawing Tool For Text

Use the marker or highlighter to write a word or simply the first letter of a word.


7. Use the Highlighter to Create ‘tape’

Shrink your photo by pinching it with two fingers. Give it a little tilt and then grab the highlighter and draw 1 short stroke in opposite corners to give the effect of an image taped on the wall.


8. Mix Up Your Colours

Instead of using the 27 provided colours in the 3 colour palettes press and hold on a colour you like and then drag the brush around till you find a more specific colour (see photo above). I’d recommend using the same-ish colours every time. If you have brand colours, use them

9. Use Cute Gifs

There are MANY obnoxious and distracting gifs but if you take the time to look there are definitely a few cute ones that don’t move as much. Some of my favorite search words to find cute gifs are leaf, simple, arrow, minimal or boho


10. Use a Space Block

If you’ve ever used the ‘MODERN’ font on stories you will have noticed that there is no way to highlight it or create a block. This becomes an issues because it’s hard to make text stand out on a busy image or video without having that solid highlight effect. A work around is to use something that I’ve dubbed the magic space. If you copy the text between the parentheses below and paste it into your IG story using the strong font, hit the little A in the top left corner. Boom! Your blank space will magically turn into a solid line and you can change the color to whatever you want. Now you can add a second text box and use the modern font, then lay it over the block of colour you just created.

Copy the spaces between the parentheses below.



11. Practice and Play Around

A story can look totally different depending on which of these tips you use! Find your style and which techniques you love and then use them often to help your audience get used to your unique style and creativity!


I had a lot of fun making this blog post! I hope you’re inspired to get a little more creative with your stories.

Feel free to tag me in your new and improved stories @johhhanna if you try one of the tips!

If you want to know more about Instagram Stories you can watch my video all about the Swipe Up Link.

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Johanna Adriaansen