Implement these 2 Steps To Get More Eyes on Your Business


Before someone becomes a client or paying customer they will subconsciously go through a process called the buyers journey. The buyers journey describes multiple stages that lead up to purchasing. A few key steps in this journey are Know, Like and Trust.

When you go to buy something you’ve likely seen a commercial or ad for it, been recommended it by a friend, like the packaging, or have already used something else by the same brand. All of these fall under one of the know, like or trust categories.

As consumers we generally opt to buy from people or brands that we know, like, or trust, likely all three.

But before we can convince someone to like and trust US we have to at least get them to know us.

There are two easy ways we can expedite the process.

1. Nail Your Elevator Pitch

If you don’t know what an elevator pitch is, it’s basically a 30 second introduction statement to you and your business. Something you could rattle off in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Everyone should this locked down! How do you do that? You write it down, and practice it in the mirror, the car, and with friends or family till you know it by heart.

Your elevator pitch should answer 2 vital questions, who you are and who you help. For example here’s mine//

“I am a digital marketing and branding strategist, course creator, podcaster and blogger. Through and with my content I teach female solopreneurs, small business owners, side hustlers and Influencers how to use Instagram and digital marketing to build their audience and grow their brand”.

These two sentences explain pretty specifically what I do and exactly who I help. By listing the different facets of my business - course creator, podcaster, blogger it gives a lot of opportunity to continue the conversation instead of having the other person just say “Ohh, cool”. The more you dive into the convo the more they will get to know your business and remember you!

Once you’ve nailed your elevator pitch then every time someone asks you what you do, boom! You hit them with it. You don’t have to hesitate, or dance around it, or say “I uh kinda, well I…” . You confidently tell them what you’re up to! You confidently tell everyone what you’re up to!

I want you to take every opportunity to get your business in front of people so that your services can spread like wild fire. Even if you think this person likely won’t ever be your customer it doesn’t matter because this person has friends, siblings and co-workers and when they hear one of those people talking about a problem you solve they will be able to refer back to you.

And a note for my side hustlers. Maybe you’re still a student or still work a full time job and your business is your side gig. Do NOT cop out an introduce yourself by your corporate title or pending degree. If your ultimate goal is to grow your side hustle into a full time gig then you need to use these opportunities to share that!


2. Have a Strong Instagram Presence

Okay, Instagram is not the end all be all for marketing and I don’t think it should stand alone either. However, chances are someone is going to look for you on Instagram or Facebook before they google you and find your website. That being said we have to look at social media as the front door to our business. You want the front door to be clean, inviting and explanatory of what’s through that door.

That means optimizing your Instagram page for conversions. Start with a professional looking profile photo, this can totally be an iphone photo but I’d steer away from selfies. Logos are also an option here.

Second, take a look at your bio. Your bio is your handshake, so it should be…wait can you guess? You elevator pitch! Just like your introduction statement your bio should also answer who you are and who you help. For good measure it should also indicate where you’re located.

Third is making that Instagram grid tell your story! This means posting high quality images and/or branded graphics with captions that serve your audience. You should be describing your offer at least 1 out of every 6 posts. This doesn’t mean asking people to buy from you or being super salesy it just means talking about what you do to continue to bring the awareness back to things that actually put money in your bank account!

Okay, your two actionable steps are to write and memorize an elevator pitch, and optimize your Instagram account as the front door to your business! Once you get people through the doors you’ve nailed the know and like factor, as long as you do good work and keep showing up for them they will trust you and voila, you have customers!

Chat soon,



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