Writing an Effective Instagram Bio

Hello entrepreneurs, small business owners, girl bosses, network marketers and anybody else who has a business and wants to use their instagram page to help them market! Welcome :) Your instagram profile page is basically your first impression for potential clients. You want to be able to tell them who are you are and what you do in the most effective way possible. This means your @handle, your posts and captions, and (of course) your bio should all be part of your marketing. To edit your bio simply click Edit Profile on your profile.

What you should not do in your Instagram Bio

Lets start here. Aside from leaving it blank there's some real bio faux pas. 

1. Don't create a list of your hobbies and random stuff thats all about YOU. Save that for your personal page because a random list like this (below) doesn't serve you or attract clients. This example makes me cringe:
Dog Mom 🐶
Wine Drinker🍷
Yoga Lover📿
Banana Hater🚫
Single <3🖤 

2. Do not simply use a row of emojis. Please. Just don't.

3. Do not type a solid paragraph without breaking it up with spaces or emojis. It’s too overwhelming to read and look at. Get a lil more creative.

What you SHOULD do in your Instagram Bio  

1. The instagram bio allows for 150 characters. In those 150 characters you should be answering a few questions: 
Where are you based? Even if you work solely online still include this
What do you do? Job title
Who do you help? Be specific! Think gender, age, industry, niche

For example, my current IG bio says this:

“Content Strategist, Creator & Photographer 🖥 📷 .
Photographer for influencers & bloggers 🌍.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.”

Boom all three questions answered. I definitely had to play around a bit to get it all to fit so you might have to try a few different wordings. 

2. If you have the room it's totally okay to include 1 or 2 personal things about yourself like those from the lengthy list above. Ex// "Dog Mom", "Giraffe lover", "Wine conessiuer", "Coffee addict", "Avid knit sweater wearer" (me, Hi). These things help clients identify with who you are not just your business name. 

3. Add your hours of operation if you're a storefront 

4. If you’re the sole business owner add your name somewhere. Either in the “Name:” space or within the bio itself.

5. Use your website link from wherever you have most recent content! If you're a blog update this constantly. If you have a static website link it here. 

6. NEW @mention a company you are linked to or use clickable # in your bio! Before if you put #_____ in your bio it would be black not blue. Sooo you couldn’t click on it! Now you can which is super helpful if you have a brand hashtag

Other things to consider..

1. Paragraph form or list form? They both work! The bio is so short as it is that is doesn't really need breaking up but it doesn't hurt if you like that look better, it just takes up some of your 150 characters to include spaces.

📍Winnipeg based
✨Content creation
📱Instagram marketing strategy  
🥦Nutrition major

2. Emojis? Use emojis, only if you want, to add some character and colour. 

If your trying to create spacing within the bio it can be a little tricky. One way to get around it is to create a note in your notes app, type your bio as you would like it to appear then copy and paste into the Instagram app! 

I hope this was straightforward and helped you tons! If you revamp your IG send me a screenshot through instagram stories or DM @johhhanna so I can seeee!