100 Things I'm Grateful For

Incorporating a gratitude practice into my life has been nothing but rewarding. A simple act of writing down 3 things I’m grateful for daily has helped me to keep things in perspective when I have shitty days. Thanksgiving is so lovely because our hearts are overflowing with gratitude together. It’s inspiring to see what everyone else is thankful for and what truly lights them up.

I’m so lucky to be able to having many many things to be grateful for in my life. Here’s a short list of 100

100 things I’m grateful for

  1. Incredibly supportive parents who have laid out an endless path of opportunities for me

  2. Siblings I get along really well with

  3. To still have grandparents in my life

  4. Jared - everything he does for me and everything’s he’s done for this relationship

  5. My friends. If we’ve known each other for years, months, since day 1 or just on Instagram. I’m grateful for you.

  6. My sister, Tori, surviving a terrible car accident almost 2 years ago.

  7. The entire team that took care of her in the ICU at HSC and Riverview. Doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational therapist, physio therapists, registered dietitian, health care aids, admin staff, maintenance staff, pharmacists, MPI, the team that transferred her in the helicopter, the ambulance team and more and more. She NEVER would have made it without the 24 hour care from these people

  8. Everyone who sent our family a message, visited us, sent a prayer or thought of us during that time, there are not enough thankyous for you.

  9. Any scientist/doctor/student who has ever contributed to life saving medications

  10. To have a University Degree

  11. Bauer - he’s such a cool, chill cat

  12. To be able to come home to a warm house

  13. Having a car to drive

  14. Fluffy, soft, white towels

  15. Coffee

  16. Palm trees

  17. Being able to buy and having access to healthy, nourishing food at any time

  18. Not being in a position where I feel like I live pay cheque to pay cheque

  19. Having a strong, capable body

  20. Spin classes

  21. The opportunity to learn from 10+ registered dietitians in the next year

  22. Never being body shamed by a doctor, or in a restaurant or on public transit or in the grocery store etc.

  23. Never having any real taste of personal discrimination

  24. Having consistently really really respectful experiences with males in my life

  25. The year I lived in Vancouver

  26. How much stronger my relationship is with my diet and body after working through disordered eating

  27. Travelling to over 9 countries

  28. Watching out the plane window

  29. Being able to creatively express myself with a camera

  30. Owning a fricken nice camera

  31. Any time I laugh till my stomach hurts

  32. Candles

  33. Sunshine - SUNSHINE

  34. Lights’ music

  35. All music

  36. My guitar

  37. Listening to other people play guitar

  38. How unreal the stars look in Manitoba’s countryside

  39. My Camp Wannakumbac family

  40. Life chats in canoes

  41. Campfires

  42. Singing

  43. Those days when I’m like, “yeah, I look good”

  44. When I wake up energized

  45. When I wake up, alive

  46. My vitamix

  47. Having in house laundry

  48. Not having to take public transit

  49. Finding amazing people to collaborate with on IG

  50. Having the opportunity to photograph others

  51. My unwavering drive to build a life that works for me

  52. The smell after the rain

  53. The smell of earth

  54. Being raised on a farm

  55. Eating carrots and raspberries straight out of the garden

  56. Fresh corn on the cob

  57. My grandma’s ginger snap cookies

  58. My grandma’s zucchini chocolate chip muffins

  59. Quad rides in the fall

  60. Walking in the door of my parents house when I go home to visit

  61. The smell of the wheat dust coming off the combine

  62. Beer & clam

  63. Quiet gravel road drives

  64. Any dog that’s ever been in my life ever

  65. Watching Netflix with Jared and eating kettle cooked chips

  66. Instagram

  67. Foam rollers

  68. Massage therapists

  69. Watching the sunrise/set

  70. Having friend’s parents who care about me like I’m their own and seeing my parents extend the same love to their kids friends

  71. A freshly cleaned car

  72. Honey dipped donuts

  73. Having an iPhone

  74. Podcasts by: Julie Solomon, Jasmine Star, Jenna Kutcher, Gary Vee and the Market Beautifully podcast

  75. Having really good health care and insurance

  76. Living somewhere with summer, winter, fall and spring

  77. Sleeping in

  78. Chosabi

  79. Kayak rides

  80. Getting ‘the shot’

  81. Avocado toast

  82. Cold, sunny, winter days

  83. Figure skating & softball

  84. Beautiful views

  85. Hot showers

  86. The feeling after you brush your teeth

  87. Toques

  88. Dry shampoo

  89. Cozy sweaters

  90. Lulu lemon align tights

  91. Anything passionfruit flavoured

  92. Getting to be part of #TeamRrayyme as a content strategist

  93. Boat rides on lake of the woods

  94. Wine

  95. When a bomb song on the radio ends just as you park

  96. The feeling of getting a good grade

  97. Biting into something delicious when you’re hungry

  98. The day after a hangover when you’re no longer hungover

  99. Endless clean water to drink

  100. Every single god damn day, cause life is too short not be be grateful

Having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend friend. I hope your heart feels as full as mine.



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