How to Make Instagram Story Covers with Canva


Hi friends, 

Instagram stories is BLOWING up and it's reaaaally important for us to show up there if we are trying to gain traction on our pages. You've probably noticed that lots of people have a nice little row of circles in their profile with pretty covers for their Highlights. How do they do it?! Well let me tell you a really simple way you can create your own! 

First of all head to if you have to make an account don't worry it's free and you DONT need any of the paid features. You CAN do this on your phone because they have an app but its WAY easier from a computer. Bust out your laptop, lets go. 

In the top left hit Create Design and then click Custom Dimensions in the top right.
Enter 1080 x 1920. This is the size that fit perfectly into an Instagram Story! Use the background feature on the left to select a background colour that is on brand for you and then play around with text and/or elements till you find something you're obsessed with. THIS MIGHT TAKE SOME TIME, be patient.  Make sure you make an exact copy for each topic that you want to include in your highlights (like one for travel, one for fitness etc.) and keep everything centred so that it fits into the little circle on IG. 

Once you've made your design download each cover as a jpg. and send them on over to your phone. Airdrop people. Now you have to add to your IG stories. Add the photos to your story one at a time. NOTE The first you add to your highlights will be the furthest to the right in your row. Once it is posted you can click Highlight in the bottom right and create a new Highlight with the title that corresponds to the image. Make sure you keep these images in your story for the full 24 hours. After that they will live in your highlights forevah !

Here are some examples to get the creative juices flowing 


Okay you ready? You got this? 





If you just want to cheap out and use mine - HAVE AT IT YO! I'm leaving them ALL right here below for you, full size! Feel free to shout me out on your story if you use them, if you don't no hard feelings <3 





If you want this one hit me up in the IG DMs and I'll send you the rest

If you want this one hit me up in the IG DMs and I'll send you the rest

Screenshot em or save them and add to your highlights! If you LOVE one of these series but the words don't quite match your vibe let me know, I juuuuust might be able to switch up the words for ya 

Johanna Adriaansen