What You Should Be Posting on Your Instagram Feed

It can feel like a bit of a daunting task to come up with your next post, then once you actually have a photo you have to think of a caption too?! It takes a lot of creativity this Instagram thing! 

If the conversation in your head goes something like this... 

"What to post? Should I do a food photo? Oh oh, maybe like one of those boyfriend grabbing my hand behind me shots, or like a flatlay of my favourite makeup products? Maybe a picture with the girls...or one of my dog. Ugh my house is ugly I can't take a photo in here. My city is boring, I can't do one outside. I'll just scroll for inspo *scroll scroll scroll*"  

...lemme help. You're overthinking it!

Theres only ONE key to deciding what to post. It's CONSISTENCY. What does that mean? It means be consistent in your content and consistent in your quality.

Consistency with quality:

Are all your photos bright and white? Dark and moody? That has to stay consistent. It will give your feed an organized, patterned look and that's a win. Don't settle for a low quality photo that doesn't fit your feed. Use it for instagram stories or ditch it all together. Quality over quantity. Mine are generally on the brighter side, high quality photos that I edit the same every time. (Linking a blog post here for how I edit on my iPhone).

Consistency  with content: 

Think about 5-8 things that you LOVE and/or that you post about often. Here are mine:

  • Lifestyles photos of me (these also perform the best for me and here's how I plan a lifestyle shoot)
  • Coffee/matcha photos
  • Beautiful food photos
  • Shots with Jared
  • Travel photos
  • Flat lays
  • Sometimes our cat Bauer

Some things I write about often but don't necessarily have photos of ie. these things go in my captions or story content:

  • Loving Mondays
  • That I grew up on a farm 
  • Going to spin 
  • Picking up groceries 
  • Eating vegetables at breakfast

Once you make this list you better stick to it! This way your followers are familiar with what you post and they will recognize it as yours! You don't have to worry about alternating exactly through each theme then repeating; theme 1, theme 2, theme 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. but you could if you're ver ver organized. 

Once I have my post themes narrowed down I like to look through the # days of the month ( #National_____Day) and see if any can fit for me! I don't usually write in my caption "Happy #Nationalxxx " Its a little cheesy to me.. I just make my content around the theme!

 For example for June and July I'm eying up:

  • national donut day June 1 (check!)
  • eat your veg day (#vegatbreakfast) ! June 17
  • selfie day June 21 (so easy duh)
  • sunglasses day June 27
  • pineapple day June 27
  • social media day (obvs) June 30
  • Canada Day July 1
  • french fry day (grew up on a potato farm) July 13

I find the # days just by googling 'national # days 2018'. 

Side note: it's okay to only have one theme. If the whole point of your page is nature shots of course you can narrow in on that. Just keep it...you guessed CONSISTENT. You can't post 100 nature photos then one of a baby or a dog just because its a beautiful photo. Post that on your story or post lots of babies, dogs and nature. 

Now go have fun creating! Yay.