One Week Pescatarian..or is it Pescan?

Something that has been showing up for me a lot lately is veganism. Should I be eating this way for the planet? Is it right for my body? My beliefs? My ideal way of eating for the past couple years has looked something like this; lots of vegetables #vegatbreakfast, minimal dairy, pasture raised animals when I can find it (chickens and beef), not much pork (I'm just not a fan), mainly wild caught fish and shrimp and recently minimal gluten because I've discovered it seems to make excema act up but I've yet to do an elimination diet to really figure that out. 

I just keep thinking about the animal agriculture industry, how truly truly horrible it is for the animals and the environment. I'm not going to rant about the animal treatment because it would be hypocritical but this past week I did try to be strictly pescatarian. Pescatarian means no other animal flesh besides fish but I also eliminated eggs and dairy which is why I'm wondering if it should be called Pescan? Is there a vegan reading this that wants to slap me? I'm sharing what I learned, challenges I faced what my meals looked like and my mindset moving forward. 

Some Challenges

  •  I was set to make tacos with refried beans! I wasn't even thinking about the ingredients when I bought them because I assumed it was just beans..maybe salt and oil. Turns out they are made with lard! Eek. A pork product. Luckily I caught it before cooking and used some white fish from the freezer instead! 
  • I went to Starbucks after my spin class and wanted to try their nitro cold brew. I first ordered the "Cold Foam Cascara Nitro" then realized "wait does that have syrup in it?" she said yes so I said "yeah I don't want any of that, is it just the nitro cold brew then?" "Yup!", she said. Sure enough I got this beautiful black drink with an amazing foamy top. One sip, OMG thats milk! Ugh. Totally my fault because a) I didn't realize it was milk before drinking, duh.. and b) I should've clarified! Next time I know. I drank the coffee anyway, no use crying over spilt milk (HA, that was too perfect). But seriously I paid $4 and me throwing it away doesn't save any cows so no big deal. 
  • Not eating gluten has proven much much harder than normal. 
  • If I was allergic to these foods I'd for sure be dead by now. 
  • It's incredibly frustrating how many products have 'modified milk ingredients' or 'milk powder' in them. When I was looking for chips I obviously new Sour Cream and Onion would have milk powder but no other ones did in the No Name brand. Then I bought gf chickpea crackers that were "sea salt" flavour and they had skim milk powder in them!! Ugh. On another trip to the grocery store I was looking at Miss Vickies chips because #kettlecooked and EVERY flavour had milk powder!! Like is that really

This week was tricky but not challenging. I had LOTS of options to eat everyday and definitely didn't feel bored by day 7, maybe day 30 would be a different story but it's already helped me expand my cooking repertoire!  I thought I had pretty much eliminated dairy from my diet until I really started paying attention to all the things that have milk in them, wow. And the thing for me is that even though there might only be 1 gram of milk powder in an entire serving of a product that doesn't mean the company doesn't require hundreds of gallons of milk every day for their operation. 


Things I missed 

  • Mayo - I love aioli so I definitely missed that on a couple restaurant dishes but bought a vegan mayo yesterday and made my own and it was bomb! 
  • Collagen powder - I have Vital Proteins bovine collagen and I've noticed it has been great for hair growth for me! Plus its a nice way to sneak in 10g of protein AND it makes my matcha frothy. They have a marine collagen option so I'm going to finish this up and opt for that next!
  • Ghee - ghee is clarified butter and I was just gifted two delicious jars a week ago! It's a small female owned business with grass fed cattle so I love supporting her! I'm torn about this one. I'll definitely use it up but not sure it will be part of my diet..

What I Ate

I had initially typed out every meal but it was just too excessive. Maybe in the future I'll make some separate posts for the best recipes! Here are some of the meals though! 

Breakfasts: Oatmeal. Rice cakes with fruit and avocado. Green smoothie (coconut yogurt). Tim Horton's oatmeal. 

Lunches: Brown rice bowl w/ veg and tofu. BeyondMeat burger. Veggie burger (no bun) w/ roasted veg. Avocado toast and raw veg. 

Dinners: Red thai curry with chickpeas, rice and veg. Fish tacos. Brown rice, soy chicken, cucumber, green onion. Panang prawn curry bowl (thai curry, veg, rice, prawns). Portobello mushroom burger, oriental salad. 

Snacks: Fruit, banana & PB, fries, chips, granola bar, nuts 



Moving forward I think my big goal is..well it's hard to put a title on it, it's not vegan, it's not paleo..maybe sustainable eating but I know there's a HUGE argument for that with farmed fish, even wild caught fish. 

So, FOR ME I'm thinking tons of plant based meals, no dairy, primary meat products are seafood and game meat (deer, caribou, elk) and other than that eating only animals if I know where they were raised and slaughtered and if I think they had a good life. As for eggs, I don't eat them that often and I'd like to avoid products that have them because I know they come from factory farmed chickens that live in pretty horrible environments. However, my brother raises about 20 chickens that roam freely in our yard and in their run and I'm super down for those eggs! 

At the end of the day I'm not going to turn down my grandmas baking no matter where the eggs and milk came from, and I'm probably going to eat some chicken or beef products at some event at some point and I'm not going to stress over it. Because I've done the restriction thing and I'm OVER it. This thing is about balance, making decisions that I feel are right for me and right for my body. I hope you do the same!