How to Turn Profile Views into Follows

Hi friends, 

We allll know first impressions can make or break us. Our IG profiles are a perfect example of a first impression - if a new person finds my page I want them to know who I am and what I'm about right away so they can make an educated decision on if they want to hang around or not! I'm laying out 3 KEY KEY KEY factors to making sure this impression is accurate and getting new friends on your bandwagon (aka converting those profile views into follows). Here's what you need to focus on..

the most recent posts on your instagram profile  

If you're being super consistent with your content and posting, any passer-by should be able to get a good impression of your page based on your last 3-9 posts. However, if your last couple posts happen to be a little 'meh' and your Instagram story is either empty or only has a couple random photos of your cat and lunch #guilty then chances are people aren't getting the right impression of the full-package-Instagrammer that you truly are! I encourage you to go review the last 9 posts on your feed and decide if they explain everything you'd want a new follower to know about you! 


your most recent instagram stories 

The posts on our profiles just don't show our personalities like stories can, and I don't mean the stories of your coffee I mean the ones of you talking into the camera or dancing around your kitchen. This is why it's important to show up here every damn day and tell your stories and tell your truth and ramble on about whatever it is that is happening for you that day because people just want to see real life! Real life is relatable, messy and beautiful and even though you feel like you're rambling I promise you people are listening. 


your instagram highlights

When I'm looking at a new profile the first thing I do is click their most recent story. If this doesn't exist I go to the highlights and probably click one called 'lifestyle' or something like that. A couple of weeks ago I had this idea that it would be cool to have an 'intro to me' highlight where I quickly talked about who I am, what I'm up to and how I show up on the 'gram. But, the only way to make this is by of course physically posting it to your stories which felt a little random. I prefaced it by explaining what I was going to do and then jumped into the intro. I created a new highlight called "Hi I'm Jo" and then only saved the actual intro stories to it. Check out on my profile to get a better idea. Also I'd like to say I'm CONFIDENT this is a good idea because James Nord talked about it on the Fohr Youtube channel and he is like a psychic analyzer of Instagram sooo...
"But Johanna, won't it eventually go to the back of my highlights once I start posting to my other highlights??" Well, yes. And my only solution for this thus far is to direct people to it through your bio which I've also done. 


Let's review.

Make SURE you're telling your audience who you are and what in at least 1 of every 3 posts. I post my fair share of random pics with witty one-liners but I'm also providing tons of value/tips/story sharing as often as I can. If you're in sales make sure you give give give then ask/sell. Teach/give value 3+ times before you ask for something or try to sell a product!  

ALWAYS have an active story of you chatting with your audience. I know this is hard. I know you can do it. 

Use highlights to your advantage by making an INTRO HIGHLIGHT where new followers can get to know you in 60 seconds or less. 

Now watch that | Profile Views:New Followers | ratio climb! You got this