How to Use Insta to Grow Your Business as a Network Marketer (MLM)

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This post focuses on using Instagram as a network marketer but I think the tips apply widely!  Whether its your full time job or part time hustle you absolutely can and should be using Instagram to your advantage to grow your team and your paycheque. I'm not speaking as a expert on the topic because I haven't grown an instagram account for this specific reason but I know Instagram and I've watched some pretty powerful babes thrive doing their MLM thing. If you don't know what network marketing companies are here are some examples; YoungLiving, Scentsy, Thirty-One, Stampin Up, Beach Body, USANA, Arbonne etc. the list goes onnnn. You probably don't know but I'm a USANA distributor. USANA is an extremely high quality supplement and my boyfriend and I have been using the multivitamin, fish oil, turmeric and vitamin D for years. I don't really advertise because it's not an area of my business I'm focused on growing right now (but feel free to ask me any questions about it!). And if I wasss focusing my IG on USANA these are some of the rules I'd live by....


Why you shouldn't just post product photos on your Instagram

It's easy to take pretty product shots of everything in the product line and post talking about the benefits of each one. However, the people want to see YOU and how YOU use the products DAILY in your lifestyle! Product shots do make for great 'filler' content but make sure the majority of your 'selling' posts feature you using the product or you with the product etc. Your audience wants to put a face to the brand so yes you should feel like that women weirdly smiling at you in Walmart knows you from Instagram because you post pictures of yourself all up over social media regularly. PS she probably doesn't, she just likes your hair. That being said a dimly lit selfie of you holding one of the products just isn't going to succeed. Instagram is all about the visuals so I challenge you to use high quality content! Feel free to read this other blog post after for What You Should Be Posting on Your Instagram


Why a lifestyle brand is more important than niching down for network marketers

Your big focus is selling your lifestyle and the FREEDOM working with this company gives you right? So instead of just trying to sell the products.. you need to sell your life; how you left your 9-5, how you have met other amazing people through this company and how you have the ability to travel and on and on and on. This is what people crave! Sure you want to make product sales but you and I both know the real money comes with building a community of team members underneath you. And don't forget to mention on your page that hard work and self motivation are required ;) 


Sell yourself as a coach not the brand you stand behind

One girl who has clearly used Instagram to capitalize on her business and sell her passion as a beach body coach is Mackenzie Huntley. This chick does an INCREDIBLE job of talking about her position as a coach and the life she's built without ever even mentioning the company! Because really, it's not the company supporting you it's what you build for yourself while supporting the company. I was chatting with Mackenzie and this is her biggest tip (see below!) 



"My biggest tip when starting your own network marketing business is to have real belief in what you are promoting! If you don't believe in the product, then you will never be confident enough to share that authentically on social media! Remember that you are your brand, not the company! Don't ever be afraid to be vulnerable and to share your journey unapologetically! You never know who you might be inspiring that day! Lastly you MUST have a ton of patience, hard work and grit! Nothing worth having comes easy girlfriend!"

Follow Mackenzie on IG here - she's the definition of a boss babe!

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I really reallllly hope this gives you a jumpstart in motivation to using Instagram to promote your business!! 

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