How to Write Captions for Instagram

The only thing that might be more difficult than taking pictures for Instagram is writing captions for Instagram and there definitely isn't one way to do it. Today I'm talking about what works for me and 3 things I think can help you write your captions too!


Give Value in Your captions

Too many times have I been sitting with a blank mind in front of a pretty photo thinking wtf do I say about this. So I made a rule for myself - I want to write a caption that gives value at LEAST every 1/3 photos. This means including a tip for branding with Instagram, sharing something about nutrition or less frequently, writing a little feel-good motivational message. I love starting my longer captions with a witty (well I think I'm funny) or cute one-liner so that the followers who aren't down to read a longer caption are still entertained and hopefully engage. Then I leave a space and head into the rest of the text. 

XXXXXXXX <-- One liner

_                        <-- space

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <--- long portion of the caption


Creating value in captions is huge to me! If I go onto someones page and don't learn something new about them or something else I'm interested in I'm probably not going to follow them unless their images are serious goals and I'm inspired by the photos. So if your last 5 captions are, "missing this", "#TBT", *random emoji*, "song lyrics", or "a quote"....and you're trying to sell a product and/or brand yourself, I'd reassess!! If you're a beauty blogger make sure you list every product you used and maybe throw in a blending tip. If you're a food blogger toss up the recipe or a kitchen hack. Fashion? Tell us what/who inspired your outfit choice and where you find the trendiest clothes at lower prices. You ARE an expert in your field so share your wisdom! 


Tell your story, tell all your stories

Another thing to keep in mind is to be always telling stories! Jasmine Star does an incredible job of this in her captions. When you're telling a story you open up a channel for conversation and you're showing a vulnerability that your followers will definitely appreciate even if it's just a silly or happy story. 


Pay attention to what your followers like 

If you are the person who kills it with pretty pics and funny one-liners on the daily then keep doing your thing! It's all about finding what works for you anyway. I honestly don't notice a huge difference in engagement with my longer captions but the engagement is slightly higher when I'm giving value through tips and even more so when I'm telling a story and talking about myself..what?! lol. I know it sounds vain but it basically comes down to this. We are all the same. We love feeling connection and love and that is why when we read other peoples stories on IG we feel compelled to continue that conversation, it's like they writer is speaking right to us. 



Pro Tip: Start a note in your phone for when caption ideas like stories or tips come to you but you aren't quite ready to post. Then once you have a high quality photo lined up you can go back into your note and use your great caption idea!



I hope you never have to second guess what to write for your caption again!