The Importance of Video on Insta in 2019

The Importance of Posting Video Content on Instagram

I know you’ve heard the rumour, video is the ‘next big thing’ in 2019. The early adaptors have definitely already used video to their advantage but this year the vast majority will hop on board.

We saw Instagram launch Stories just over a year ago, followed by IGTV, and while IGTV didn’t necessarily blow up like stories did it has become apparent that Instagram is setting up to be a much more friendly platform to consume video content.

Even though IGTV might look like a wasteland it’s an amazing opportunity to expand on your content and reach. It’s true, in comparison, not many people are using IGTV which means it’s not as saturated. What do you have to lose?

The Growth of Video On Social Media

Think about it, 2-3 years ago everyone had a wedding photographer but few people hired a videographer as well. Now I’d say there’s a videographer at almost 50% of weddings. As humans we are so obsessed with connection (in a good way), and fascinated with the raw emotion that can be captured through a video instead of a photo.

Videos allow us to get to know someone at a much deeper level as video translates body language, emotion, voice, language etc.

Video also provides us with a ‘live’ look at an experience like a vacation. When we look at a photo we make up the 1000 works to go with it, a video gives us the first 500 words and context. Thats powerful stuff.

The Importance of Creating Video in IG Stories - Not just static images.

Think about this, how much engagement do you get when you post a static image of something you’re doing? Maybe not that much unless you’ve got a realllllly cute puppy. Videos of us talking, and story telling open up so much more opportunity for discussion.


Different Ways To Use Video on Instagram

Instagram stories

Talk to the camera. A video of someone talking directly to the camera is extremely captivating. We feel naturally inclined to look at them and listen because it’s just as if someone is having a conversation with us. If you’re a little more creatively inclined you could take some b-roll footage with your iphone and play around with editing apps and create videos that tell a story as well.


Especially if you’re someone who is a little long winded on stories. Turn that 12-clip long discussion into a 3 minute IGTV video. Better yet, if you shared something super valuable on stories and want that content to live somewhere forever, turn it into an IGTV by re-recording it on your phone. Chances are if you already talked through it it will be pretty easily to repeat. Secondly, you can turn your blog posts into short IGTV episodes. Not everyone likes to read long form content, many people are more likely to watch a 2-3 minute video. Up your game even further by creating a ‘cover’ photo for the video and BOOM you’re basically a YouTuber.



Speaking of YouTube… tbh it totally intimidates me but if you’re really diving into video I think it’s a cool place to show up. Plus if you film it right you can use the same footage to make a horizontal youtube video and crop it to make it the acceptable vertical size for IGTV.


Okay Live might be more intimidating than YouTube. But here’s the thing, Instagram wants the user to use EVERY INCH of the app. So if you’ve already got stories nailed it might be time to take it to the next level. You can plan your Lives, write down some notes and have them on a paper taped on the wall. Talk through a blog post you wrote and take live questions along the way or host a a live Q&A. If you’re worried no one will show up to ask questions then use the “Ask Me Anything” in stickers before hand to get some questions then answer them live.

Using Video On Instagram - in conclusion..

Getting video content doesn’t have to be hard. You can video record yourself as you record a podcast episode, easily make stories daily (and you should), or record an IGTV video in one take with no editing.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into creative videography I’d definitely recommend the Adobe Suite (or just Adobe Premiere Pro). I’d say the top biggest ones are Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. I’ve never used FCP but since I also use Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop it just makes sense for me to use their video editing program as well.

Okay get out there and challenge yourself to up your video game! :

  • If you’re used to posting just photos on IG Stories try to mix in some videos and TRY talking to the camera.

  • If you’re nailing it with stories it’s time to drop some content on your IGTV

  • And if your IGTV is already being populated try going Live

Give the people what they want!! And of course, have fun.

Chat soon,