The 5 Deadliest Instagram Sins


Heyyyy there,

I’m coming at you today to discuss some of the biggest mistakes I see happening on my very favourite social media app, Instagram! If you are using Instagram for your business, which I think you should, there are definitely some best practices you want to be following in order to see success on the platform.

We aren’t living in a time any more where you can post every day, add 30 hashtags and grow by 1000 followers over night. Those are the kinds of things we saw happening in 2010 but sadly those days are gone and don’t worry, I missed the boat too.

The big thing that we need to remember about Instagram is that it was developed as an app to share and connect with friends. Of course it’s now become so much more than that, it’s a place to connect with not only friends but also strangers and share not just our daily moments but also about our businesses! I consider myself very lucky that social media exists as a free platform to share about my products, and you should feel that way too!

So let’s dive into the 5 deadly sins of Instagram.

1. Not Providing Value

From a business standpoint, and when I say business I mean anything from a side hustle, to a full time gig, to being an Influencer..from a business standpoint it’s imperative that we view Instagram as a place to bring value to others! Ultimately, if your goal is to sell them something, or expect them to like and engage with your content then you need to give value to them as well! We can give value on Instagram by entertaining, educating, inspiring or motivating. We can share stories in our captions that may motivate or inspire others, we can educate by sharing tips about our industry, and we can entertain with beautiful videos or hilarious captions.

2. Have an Empty Instagram Story

Your second deadly sin is not having a story live at all times. Creating an Instagram story is SOO easy. It’s takes little to no work or thought so there really are no excuses. Since Instagram rolled out the stories feature we see people are spending 50% of their time here and 50% on the feed. That’s a lot of time that used to be spent only scrolling so it’s important you show up here!

3. Posting low quality images

Jumping away from stories and over to the feed, your third deadly Instagram sin is posting low quality images. Instagram is clearly a very visual platform so it is important that you take the time to learn how to take a good photo. You don’t need to hire a photographer, you don’t need to invest in an expensive DSLR, you just need to learn your way around your smartphone camera and a few editing apps like Lightroom CC and VSCO. People are no longer going to tolerate low quality images when the photos we see are getting better and better as smartphones evolve. Think of it this way, your image is what is going to stop the scroll and your caption is what is going to keep them on your post.


4. Not Niching

In the beginning of your business niching down is really really powerful because if you are trying to sell to everyone you will be selling to no one. Okay maybe not no-one but it’s definitely not as efficient as selling to a targeted audience. I get that maybe everyone could benefit from your product if it was put into their hands and they were shown how to use it but realistically we need to consider who is actually buying our product, or in the case of Influencers what type of person is going to like our content enough to engage with it.

Identifying your target audience based on age, gender, location, education, income, marital status and even personality traits will help you narrow in on what you content should be because now you know who you are actually creating it for!

5. Not having a strategy

And finally number 5, perhaps the deadliest sin of them all, is not having an actual Instagram strategy in place. If Instagram is part of your marketing plan, and I really think it should be, then you have to take it seriously! Instagram is super easy to half ass because it’s free but I bet if you were paying for a networking event, or paying to get your ad on TV you’d take that pretty seriously. Getting serious about your Instagram strategy is just as important! But maybe you’re wondering what a strategy even looks like? How to a build it? And what do you need for you unique business?

I totally hear ya, between the algorithm, follow-un-follows and the science of caption writing I get that it’s all a bit overwhelming. So maybe now you know you’re committing some of these sins and you’re ready to take action and get your Instagram sorted. Are you nodding your head over there?

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Johanna Adriaansen