Starting from Scratch as a Content Creator and Virtual Assistant

Wow wow wow! 


So today I tossed an instagram story up asking if anyone was interested in doing the job that I do which is being a content creator for brands AND working as a virtual assistant to influencers and bloggers. And woaaah, the response was crazy! So clearly you guys want to know whats up with this job. 

I'm going to take it back to about mmm 2 years ago. I love being creative and I'm a super visual person. My background is in nutrition/fitness/wellness and I'm a certified health coach and nutritionist so I started an Instagram called HealthFitHolistic where I would share healthy eating tips and food photography. I didn't have a huge following but I knew I was having fun and I knew I was pretty good at Instagram (hahah that's a millennial skill if I've ever heard one). So I thought "okay, I bet I could help other brands have pretty instagrams too!". I didn't know if what I wanted to do was even a real job but I set out to make it one! I wanted to simultaneously focus on establishing my brand while helping others grow theirs! 

Job One: Instagram Management

By a bit of luck I came across a newly opened juice and smoothie bar in my city. Their space and products were BEAUTIFUL but their Instagram....not so much. I reached out to them and asked them if I could volunteer to manage their account for FREE. For 3 months I would take photos and post on their account 3-4 times per week. During that 3 months I think I went in 2 times for mini-photoshoots (they would make anything I asked) and then go home, edit the photos and post for them on Instagram! After the 3 months was over they wanted to continue with my service and now they've been a paying client for over a year! I continue to do photoshoots for them every 3 months and then post post post until we run out of content and then do it again! 

Job Two: Photoshoots for Restaurants 

Luckily Winnipeg is a small city and other business owners started asking the juice bar who was doing their account! From word of mouth I got paired up with a web designer who hired me to do one-off shoots for multiple restaurants in Winnipeg which was super fun! 

Job Three: Working with Bloggers

I really do love photography and Instagram as a platform but I wanted to branch out a little more and write longer copy ie. blog posts! Once again I reached out to some of my favourite bloggers and offered my services! I straight up emailed them and told them why I loved their brand and asked how I could help them. I got turned down and ignored multiple times BUT when I did land a gig it paid off big time! And EVERY new experience adds to your portfolio. 

What's Next?

The past two years has really been a learn-as-I-go experience. I read tons and tons of content, listen to podcasts and attend webinars about social media and using Instagram for business. I've learning so much about assisting bloggers, growing my personal brand and using IG to it's highest potential. Moving forward all that I know is that I love being creative through photography, blogging and working with influencers and businesses in the wellness, fitness and agriculture industries! I don't know exactly what thats going to look like but I'll keep you posted ;) 

What I want you to take from this is that I had no formal training, and I ASKED for what I wanted. I've reached out to over 50% of the brands and bloggers I work with. The internet is a big place and people are busy so don't bet on them finding you! 

I hope this posts helps give a clearer picture of my job and an idea about how you can start doing it to if you are interested! Leave me a comment if you have ANY other questions about this stuff. I love chatting about it :)