Cold (Season) AF - Tips to avoid getting sick this winter



So the Holidays are done. We all stuffed our faces with too many cookies and too much (read: a great amount) of wine but nowww we feel like shit. Everyone is getting the cold and the flu and it’s basically a no fun zone of everyone curled up in their new Christmas onesies. We all let our guards down a little bit with our healthy living regimes and now BAM! stuffy noses and sore throats. But the thing is you don’t have to get sick. Even if you overindulged the passed couple of days, you can still get off scot free. 

I want to give you some easy tips to avoid this cold season or get you on the mend if you’re already sick. 

  1. Drink a lot of water. Ugh I knowww this is like the first tip in every health blog ever. But when it’s getting colder outside….or a psychotic -40 like in Winnipeg this passed week, we tend to drink less water. So, refill those water bottles. I’m taking like 10-12 cups per day! Maybe get fancy and add a lemon or a cucumber to give it a little zest. I’m not a huge fan of drinking cold water when I’m already cold..obviously. So I keep it room temp or even hot with lemon. 
  2. Keep eating those fruits and veggies. Obvious tip number two. You might feel like your diet hasn't changed but during the summer we love eating fruits and veg especially raw because they are cool and refreshing. When it gets cold our bodies start to crave warm or warming foods like breads, starches, hot meat dishes etc. so we naturally eat less produce. It’s still very important to get those veggies in however you can! Add to your smoothie (I'm a huuuuge fan of #vegatbreakfast), and definitely include a raw or cooked vegetable with BOTH lunch and dinner. Bone broth soups are a perfect hot and nourishing dish! Toss in some leftover turkey from christmas with carrots, potatoes and celery. Boom! Just like Grandma's. 
  3. If you’re already feeling pretty shitty definitely do tips 1 and 2 ^^^ but also get some rest, and take some time for yourself. It might feel like you just had two or more days of rest from the holidays but it’s still a stressful and bustling time. During these next few rest days you’re going to take for yourself you’re going to be enjoying healthy foods, tea and lots of water and be 0% stressed about getting things ready for Christmas. Cause it’s ovah. 
  4. Bonus tip: get some Vitamin C in ya! Eat that Christmas orange you got in your stocking and then eat another one everyday. Don’t overthink it! You don’t need to go out and buy EmergenC and three other superfood supplements to get better. Enjoy lot of whole and healthy foods and if you want to get really crazy drink green tea or matcha!

Alright friends, we want to be in tip top shape for January so we can all kick ass in the New Year! Take care of your body and you’ll be cold/flu free!





Johanna Adriaansen