How To Attract Clients Into Your Business Through Instagram


Whether you’re using your Instagram as an Influencer and marketing your personal brand, or you are using it to help market your product or service, the platform is a totally viable way to bring in clients, streams of clients! But you might feel like it’s crickets over there and that’s the laaaast thing I want to hear!

When used right Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for tons of soloprenuer style businesses and personal brands.


If your line of work, or your side hustle requires you to land your own clients and those clients are within the 18-35 age range you should absolutely be showing up on Instagram.

I want you to feel empowered and confident when using Instagram as one tool in your marketing strategy, so we’re going to cover 5 things you can implement to help turn members of your audience into paying customers.

1. Make sure what you offer is super clear

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get crystal clear on your offer! If you don’t know what you’re selling, or what you’re all about then there is no way some stranger on the internet is going to be able to figure it out! So narrow in and niche down!

When we are super clear on our ideal audience every piece of content will speak to them. Doing this helps repel those who probably won’t even buy something from us, this is a good thing! An audience of 10,000 with 1% interested in buying isn’t as good as a 500 person audience where 250 are interested in buying.

Check out this blog for 4 examples on how to niche down (network marketer, hair stylist, Influencer, maker)

2. Bring the value through your content on Instagram

If you’re using Instagram for fun post whatever the heck you want! If you want to monetize you HAVE to look at the platform as a space to SERVE others. Sorry honey but we need to dial back on the selfish content aka a pretty picture of you with a quote. Unless you’re a fashion blogger and following that up with a Like To Know It link this is not going to help you monetize. Yes, in the Influencer space there is a bit more room for this fun and playful content but it usually only works out if your photos are serious goals.

I’m not saying you should never post a cute pic of yourself with a witty one-liner #FeltCuteDon’tDeleteLater but the majority of your content should serve your audience in some way.

We can serve our audience and bring value by:

-Story telling

Entertainment might be through hilarious captions, story telling, funny photos, enticing Instagram stories, or eccentric images

Educating is my favorite and so dang easy! YOU are an expert in your field and your ideal client probably doesn’t know much about it, that’s why they need to pay you! So by sharing little bits of information through videos or your captions you are putting yourself in the expert position which is a pretty good place to be! You don’t have to go deep, share the 101 stuff. It might feel mundane or obvious to you but it will blow the mind of your audience, guaranteed!

Inspiring/Motivating - could be as simple as sharing your morning routine, tips for healthy living or sustainable living, your fitness routine, whatever it may be. And Story telling is another functional way to inspire or motivate. You can tell stories about passed experiences where you’ve learned a life lesson, stories about serendipitous things that have happened in your business, or even just a funny or happy story. Story telling a very good way to connect with your audience since it’s a form of communication we’ve been practicing since the beginning of time.

3. Have conversations through comments and direct messaging

If we didn’t have the internet at our finger tips we have to go out into the real world, away from our screen and make connections that way. One. At. A. Time. Scary stuff right?! We are SO lucky to have social media to connect us to hundreds and hundreds of people around the world but we still have the responsibility of actually communicating!

This means answering ALL your comments and DMs, let your audience know they are being seen, ask them questions back. So they DM’d you an laughing emojii on your IG story? Perfect, take a peak at their profile and ask them a questions about themselves. Even if you talk about nothing more than the breed of their dog you are still starting a conversation which will make them more curious about you and your business. Even if they never become a paying customer you still may have set yourself up for someone that will be a word of mouth referral for you, that’s a win!

Influencers - respond to all inquires about working with you especially when they are sent from PR firms. Just because 1 campaign isn’t a good fit doesn’t mean that firm might not end up working with your dream company! Thank them for thinking of you and let them know you’d like to be considered for future campaigns. It’s important to reciprocate in the conversation!

4. Make the first move

Answering comments and DMs? That’s the EASY move. That’s the obvious stuff. The bigger challenge is being the one to start the conversation. Start by hanging out where your ideal customer is. You can join some facebook groups and help to answer peoples questions and when it makes sense, refer them back to your page or your blog for more info on whatever it is they are already curious about. You can also do some hashtag research and find potential clients that way, take time to actually look through their profile then leave a couple comments. I don’t know about you but when someone likes my post I’m probably not going to check out their profile but when they comment I’m like, “hey, who are you?” and I tap over to their profile and check them out.

Influencers - as far as making the first move goes make a list of brands you want to work with, follow them on social and engage with them regularly to get on their radar. When you pitch them it won’t seem random since they may have already noticed your handle popping up in their notifications.

5. Play the long game on Instagram

What I don’t want you to do when Having Conversations (tip 3), and Making the First Move (tip 4) is dive into someone’s DMs with a cold pitch about your product and try and sell them right away, no no no. It really is about playing the long game. You most likely wouldn’t meet someone at a dinner party and try and sell them your product. You’d casually talk about what you do for work and what they do for work, and if the conversation was flowing they might ask for a business card. No one is swiping their credit card when they just met you! So it’s important you let potential clients warm up to you and your content.

Lets recap on your 5 ways to land clients through Instagram

1. Get clear on what you offer and niche down, you can learn more about that here

2. Bring the value through entertaining, educating, story telling, inspiring and motivating

3. Have conversations by answering comments and DMs

4. Make the first move to stimulate new connections

5. Play the long game, be patient and continue to serve your audience

We aren’t in control of the algorithm but we are in control of having a strong Instagram presence with valuable content that your audience can rely on!

If you start implementing all these tactics I promise you you WILL book clients through Instagram. If you have any questions pop into my DMs @johhhanna

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