How to Land Clients for your Freelance Content Creation Business

Hi friends, 

Obviously the hardest part about content creation is getting hired! You and I already both know that you are a creative wizard who would kill it at any task but you have to show your potential clients this so they fall in love and are super excited to work with you!

Creating Your Own Brand

Having your own brand is a super important way to market yourself. These days you know the first thing someone is going to do is search for you on Facebook or IG so make sure you're present there and you are showing off your work. You should have a public Instagram page! If you aren't comfortable sharing your personal one then make a secondary account that is about your business as a content creator! You should be sharing things about your life that allow clients to get to know you and also portfolio work like photography you've done or work from brands you've worked with! 

If you don't have your own 'brand' right now don't worry about it! Buuuut I would start now because I think it's an incredibly good way to market yourself.  

Reaching Out 

My hands down TOP TIP for landing clients is reaching out to them! I've gotten over 50% of my clients this way! But what does this look like? Well, make a list of your dream brands/bloggers/influencers/businesses that you want to work with. Physically write down as many as you can think of big or small! Then start shooting out emails! 

Tell the brands 

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why you love their brand 
  • How you think you could help them

Ask the brands 

  • If you can help them 
  • If they are interested in partnering with you 

Pro tip:
While your emails will look similar do NOT copy and paste the same email to every brand. You need to make it personal to each business/blogger. Honestly, I would only reach out to brands you truly know about because that way it will be authentic and genuine since you already know their brand. 

Here's an EXACT email I sent a year ago when I was focusing on working with food brands and I was BRAND NEW to the industry. 

"Hi there, 

A quick introduction: My name is Johanna, more often 'Jo'. I grew up on a crop farm in rural Manitoba and my nutritional sciences education led me to a passion in Instagram Marketing and Content Development for Nutrition, Wellness and Agriculture businesses! That probably sounds like a lot of random words but basically I take photos, develop recipes, write blog posts and/or manage Instagram accounts for other businesses! 

I really love your company, the family vibe, and the farm to fork and whole food concepts! I just wanted to reach out in case you were interested in working together, I think we'd be a great match! Sometimes brands send me their product and in return I develop/shoot recipes, or just take photos of the product, or both! 

Let me know if there is any way I can help out! Looking forward to hearing back. 

Thanks so much, 


This company sent me a box of product worth $200 in exchange for 1 recipe and 5 photos!  

Getting a response

So you've reached out and BAM they are interested in seeing what you have to offer! If they ask you for a sample blog piece you can either write one, OR ask them to provide a title for something they would like to see and then go from there! I personally like the second option best because then you know you are writing something they are interested in! When you are writing this piece make sure you are writing in line with their brand and in their voice not yours! (Check this blog post for my tips on writing in someone else's voice)

Dealing with Being Turned Down

Probably 9 times out of 10 you will either be turned down or straight up ignored. Don't take it personally! Just keep doing your thing and don't be afraid to circle back to the same brand a month down the road and reach out again! As your experience grows so does what you have to offer so don't give up :) 


Writing this has me so amped up I think I'm going to re-read my list of brands and reach out to my top dream clients again! 

Please let me know if this post was helpful by dropping me a comment. 

I'd love to answer any questions you have as well!