How to publish and promote a blog post - top to bottom!

So you want to start a blog, or you already have one..but maybe you haven’t written your first post. Or your blogging schedule is, well, hit or miss. It can feel overwhelming to put out long form blog content. You need copy annnnnd photos, and then you have to consider getting the post in front of an audience after it’s published.

I’ve found that by creating a system for publishing a blog post that I can repeat every single time I can have the whole thing banged out and be spamming the internet within a couple of hours.


Steps to Publishing a Blog Post

  1. Chose your topic - Thinking of a topic to write about is at least 70% of the work. If someone gave me a nice long list of all the content my audience wanted from my I’d probably be able to write all day long. When I DO happen to think of ideas I like to save them in a note on my phone or create a google sheets (excel) document to keep track. We can also use resources like IG poll or IG questions to gauge what our audience wants to see from us. Hello free market research!

  2. Writing - I’d say it takes me 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for me to write and edit a blog post. The hardest part is getting started but after the first three sentences I’m usually off to the races.

  3. Photos - Not all posts need photos! However, visuals such as pictures and graphic images do make the copy as a whole more enticing. One long dense paragraph can be overwhelming to a reader and might deter them from reading through all together. I’d shoot for 1-3 photos/graphics per blog even if it’s just a photo to start off the post. I find because I write a lot of informational content regarding Instagram Marketing it’s hard to take appropriate photos…What will I include a photo of my iPhone open on IG? Yep I do that lol but it gets old real quick so it’s takes some creativity to think of other photo concepts to help tell a story. If you are blogging food recipes, travel etc. photos should be super easy to come up with

  4. Add a cover photo, you can totally use one from the blog post, in fact I’d encourage it so the reader knows they’ve landed on the correct page.  

  5. Add a meta description with a summary of whats covered in the blog post, include key words

  6. Edit the default URL if necessary. Squarespace automatically adds the date into the URL. For example . I don’t want that date in there so by going into the Option I can just remove it and chose my own URL. s


How to Effectively Promote your Content on Socials

Once your copy is written and edited, your photos are shot, edited and uploaded, you cover photo is set and your SEO is in place you can hit that publish button and watch your work go live on your site, yay! Now how are we going to tell people that our amazing new content is live…

  1. Instagram - 1 IG post with a photo that correlates to the blog. The caption should have a little teaser of the blog content and direct followers to the link in your bio.  

  2. Instagram Story - Make a story talking to your audience about your new post and what you’re excited about sharing or how it could help them. If you have over 10K followers you can use the swipe up feature to link, if not, reference the link in your bio. I’d keep the link up for at least 4 days if possible and re-promote through stories on the third day.

  3. Pinterest - you should have your blog posts and photos Pin-able from your website. i use Squarespace and all I had to do what turn Pinterest to -on- in my settings. From here I pin at least 3 photos from my blog post with the same link and title as the blog and write an SEO friendly description of the content (use key words)

  4. Facebook - Share link

  5. Link’dIn - Share link

  6. Snapchat? Might as well.

  7. Now set a reminder in your calendar or phone to RE-PRMOTE this content in 3 months. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. This is most important step! You don’t want to spend three hours producing a blog post only to have it die 4 days later once it’s been lost on the IG or Facebook feed. In 3 months you could have 20, or 50 or more new people in your audience who didn’t see the material the first time, or people who saw it but forgot to follow up and read or audience members who thought it wasn’t for them but now it is! Instead of resharing the exact same IG post and caption try and change it up but direct followers to the same content.

You did it! Your blog post is live and being shared across all social channels! Make sure to follow up on comments asap to continue the discussion around your post content.

PS. Re: Step 1 - “When I think of ideas I put them into a spreadsheet so that when I’m ready to write I remember what I wanted to talk about”
Here’s an example of how you might lay out your spreadsheet:

Blog title Copy Written Photos Uploaded Published On Repromote On

How to… November 5th November 8th November 8th February 8th


Here’s a simplified checklist for you to repeat over and over when going through your blogging process:

  • Chose a topic

  • Write copy

  • Edit and ensure copy is broken up into sections with SEO friendly headers

  • Take photos

  • Edit photos

  • Upload photos into blog post

  • Add cover photo for blog post

  • Add meta description

  • Publish

  • Share IG post

  • Share IG story

  • Share on Facebook

  • Pin 3 times to different boards

  • Bonus: Share on Linkd’In and Snapchat if you show up regularly on these platforms

  • Follow up with comments as soon as possible

  • Set a reminder to re-promote blog post in 3 months

Follow this checklist every time you write for seamless blog execution!