How to Plan An Influencer Campaign For Your Business


So you’ve heard of this Influencer marketing thing, maybe you’ve seen some #sponsored and #ad posts but you’re wondering if it will work for your business and how to get started. I think there is so much potential for both service and product providers when it comes to Influencer marketing.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub 60% of businesses have allotted part of their marketing budget to Influencer marketing. The industry has grown at an incredible rate over the last year and businesses in many different industries are seeing success. HubSpot projects it will be a 8 billion dollar market by 2020.

The Pros of Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer marketing replicates a person to person selling environment as opposed to as business to person selling. You may have heard the marketing saying, “people buy from people” so using a blogger/Influencer who has already formed personal relationships with their audience means you’re accessing some established like & trust factor from through their personal brand. With Influencer marketing the audience often feels like they are listening to the recommendation of a friend and not a commercial.

  • Influencer marketing is relatively inexpensive . Compared to the production and overhead costs of a highly produced commercial or billboard Influencers come at a fraction of the price which also makes it a great option for small businesses who may not have 100K$ budgets to hire videographers and photographer and graphic designers.

Cost of Influencer Marketing

Speaking of cost, Because Influencer is a very new career title there are very very loose ‘rules’ as to what a rate for an Instagram post, blog post or Instagram story might cost. In my experience I’ve learned that an Influencer will charge roughly $100-$200 per 10K followers, so an Influencer with 160K followers could have a rate of roughly $1600-3200 for an Instagram post, probably the same for a blog, and maybe somewhere around $500-750 for an IG story. That being said nano and micro-influencers (with less than 1K or 10K) will often do a post in exchange for gifted content which usually comes cheaper to you, the brand but won’t necessarily generate the same return on investment.

Rates vary a lot and there are a few things to keep in mind…

-Engagement Rate: A 100K Influencer with a 1-2% engagement rate (which is average for most Influencers at this size of audience) may charge less than someone with a 10% engagement rate. Engagement rate is important for you, the campaign host, so keep an eye on this number and not just their following number.

-Micro influencers may charge more that $100 per 10k. If they have less than 10K followers but are producing high quality content (aka with a DSLR camera) and have an engaged audience getting 500-1000 likes per post (5-10% engagement rate) then they could be charging as much as $300 for a post.


How to Run Your Next Influencer Campaign

Set goals & Plan a budget

What’s your goal for this campaign? Is it to make more online sales? Is it to grow your own social media following by leveraging the influencers audience? The more detailed you are on your goals the better you can track your ROI and the better you can design your campaign to fit those goals.

If your goal is to grow your audience size I’d recommend doing a giveaway. You can right click and open a new tab on this link to learn how to plan a success giveaway on social media.

Second you’re going to want to plan a budget. You may want to target 20 micro-influencers in exchange for product or 12 huge influencers and pay their $2K rates.

Create a Campaign Brief

Seasoned Influencers are used to working from a brief. It’s helpful for both the brand and Influencer in order to stay on track and make sure the deliverables are sending the proper message. A campaign brief is usually a 4-10 slide document which introduces the brand, explains the reason for the campaign, provides education and speaking points to the Influencer, outlines forbidden words/associations and may also include a mood board of photos for inspiration.

Create Contracts

Even if you are gifting product I’d suggest creating a mini contract or a memo of understanding. This covers both parties for the discussed deliverables and will help the campaign run smoothly and on time. A contract will also include requested deliverables and a posting timeline. Keep in mind you will most likely be managing different requirements from each of the Influencer and everyone will need an individualized contract.

Finding Influencers

Finding your people is going to be absolutely key to getting a solid ROI on your campaign. It’s important to do your background research on an Influencer to make sure their brand is actually a good fit for yours. Just because they have 200K followers and they might agree to the contract doesn’t mean they are actually serving your business. If their followers aren’t interested in your product the post won’t convert into sales.

Hare are some Tips to Finding Your Influencer Group

  1. If you own a brick and mortar store use Instagram and search your city. Look for the top posts which generally have good engagement and check out some of the profiles to see if anyone in your area is a good match. Keep in mind you probably don’t want to hire someone who is just visiting since most of their audience probably won’t be from your city.

  2. Search for location based hashtags such as #YourCityBlogger #YourCityBloggers #YourProvinceBlogger #YourProvinceBloggers or even #YourCountryBlogger. You can try #YourCityInfluencer but most Influencer don’t use hashtags that way.

  3. Also check the posts that your brand has been tagged in, if you see a high quality photo and the post has high engagement then you know that Influencer is already talking about your brand/business authentically. Working with them will seem very natural to their audience since they have already seen a non-sponsored post from this blogger.

Non-Negotiables For Running An Influencer Campaign

The most important thing you can do is make sure you truly believe that your brand and the Influencer’s brand are a good match. Take your time when vetting Influencers and find people that feel like a perfect match. If advertising your content doesn’t come across as authentic to their audience then there won’t be any purchases! It’s good to look for your ideal customer in an Influencer.

Tips for Success

Allow for Creative Freedom - There’s nothing more frustrating for an Influencer than when a brand wants the photos staged a certain way. If you, the brand, want a staged photoshoot then go book a photographer for content. It’s so important to allow Influencers to have their own creative freedom and incorporate your product in a way that feels good to them, matches their feed and is produced in a way that their audience expects.

Play the Long Game - Having longer contracts with Influencers is key for repeated exposure. Pretty sure the facts are that someone needs an average of 7 exposures before buying something which means just posting once and calling it a day isn’t good enough. It’s most likely in your best interest to keep working with an Influencer over a 6 month period than a 1 off campaign.

Offer a Posting Range of Dates - In the circumstance that you are launching a product or something new it might be tempting to have your Influencers all post on the same day. But again, repeated exposure is better so offer a posting range of dates for them, even over the course of 3 days so that any member’s of their audiences that overlap will see your brand multiple times.

I was part of a mini restaurant campaign recently and the company encouraged us to go together..So, for one night all 4 of us posted about the restaurant and gave our reviews but then it’s crickets. It would have been much more effective to encourage each of the Influencers to bring a friend, that way 2 people are exposed to the new restaurant and the posts go live over time.

Moral of the story is that Influencer marketing is a powerful tool when used right! I hope this post has given you the tools and confidence to get started on your first (or next) Influencer campaign.

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