Managing an Editorial Calendar as a VA

Everyone knows organization is KEY to success. When you're working alongside a blogger or influencer its important you're both on the same page at all times regarding important due dates and each others schedules! 

Soo today I’m talking about creating an editorial calendar with/for the Influencer you are working for. Basically this is a calendar that has alllll their social media commitments.

I find google calendar works great for this! Its really accessible from your phone and computer and they have a good app too. So for example, when there is a sponsored posts the brand will generally have a draft date and a post date. You go into the calendar and add these dates in.  In the title you should have the brand name, the type of post (Insatgram, blog or IG story for example) and whether its the draft due date or the post date.

So for example
Vital Proteins- Blog Draft Due May 1st
Vital Proteins- Blog Live May 13th.

The editorial calendar can also helps organize what content you will be contributing to and what content they are taking the reins on. You can colour code your projects so you know who is responsible for what.

If you want an even more detailed program try Trello! I find it’s hard to have both Trello and Google Calendar going at once but they are both great programs. So you can kind of just feel out what works for you!

I'd also recommend taking some extra initiative with the calendar and add in any events and appointments that the influencer you’re working with has.

Also, because my “working hours” are all over the place as a virtual assistant I share my whole google calendar with my clients so they can see where I’m at if I’m not responding. It also has just naturally made my clients respectful of busy times!

Alrighty make sure you go add:

"Can create and manage an editorial calendar"

to your resume so that when you are applying to work with your fav blogger or influencer she knows you’re legit!