My Fairmont Mayakoba Experience


The Fairmont Mayakoba is a 5 Diamond Resort situated in the Riviera Maya of Mexico and ranked..number 1. Before going here I didn’t even know there was a ranking above the 5 star ranking #farmgirlprobs

The customer service was unbelievable, the food just as good, the environment calm, very clean and very welcoming.

The resort prides itself on sustainability and comfort. Let’s call it eco-chic. The property in surrounded, on one side, by a slow moving river, home to a very important ecosystem in Mexico. The Mangroves that live in the river contribute equally to the partnership by using their powerful and expanding roots to hold the earth in place. The maintenance of the mangrove has been a priority of the resort for the last 10 years and for it they’ve been rewarded with over 300 species of birds where there once were only 15.

Other sustainable measures include biodegradable straws, automatic AC shut-off when a door is left open and minimal single-use plastics. Water bottles do continue to be a struggle for the resort since the water quality in Mexico isn’t suitable for drinking but they continue to strive to find a company large enough to provide for them an alternative.

Our Room at the fairmont mayakoba

I roomed with a girlfriend, Claire. She’s the entire reason I was lucky enough to come to the Fairmont Mayakoba in the first place. The Fairmont was hosting an Influencer media trip which you can read more about here and as her content strategist and developer she chose me as her plus one (more on that here). So SO lucky.

The room consisted of two perfect double beds with all the pillows a girl could dream of, a killer bathroom, and a balcony overlooking the river.


Our room was in the 500 block. It seemed ideal as it was a few steps to the pool, and very close to the lobby/restaurant, and had the river view. Having the pool ( photo below) just steps outside our room meant we could use our own bathroom for pee breaks, hello! And, if we wanted to have our laptop by the pool it wouldn’t be a huge hassle to walk it back to the room when it was time for a dip. This pool specifically was unattended by baristas but the other pools had full food and drink service!


The Spa

The resort boasts a state of the art wellness spa with adjustable massage tables, aromatherapy and massage and body services that include a day pass with access to the steam room, relaxation area and roof top pool.


The Food

The dining was absolutely unbelievable. The options were a beautiful mix of Americanized modern day favourites like sushi and avocado toast with Mexican delicacies, guacamole, fish, tacos, fresh coconuts and seafood.

Las Brisas - restaurant by the beach

Las Brisas - restaurant by the beach

Las Brisas

Las Brisas

We dined at each restaurant and I would recommend them all equally. The photos below are each from the beachside restaurant - Las Brisas.

Definitely opt to have breakfast here on one day of your stay. I had the gluten free almond pancakes and oggled at an incredible frittata and crab cakes benedict that also came to our table.

The buffet being the other option for breakfast, served at Restaurante La Laguna, is not something to underestimate at the quality and quantity of the food at the buffet was also unbelievable.

PS. Biggest oysters I’ve ever had in my life.

PS. Biggest oysters I’ve ever had in my life.


Be sure to stop for a cocktail at the lobby bar and be treated to sliced jicama, apple and cucumber with chili lime salt and mixed nuts while you look out at the view before your dinner reservation at Restaurante El Puerto on the deck below.

The lobby and restaurante el puerto overlooks the river and some of the accomodations

The lobby and restaurante el puerto overlooks the river and some of the accomodations

View looking at the restaurante la puerto

View looking at the restaurante la puerto

This guy greeted us at dinner by blowing on that conch shell, it was pretty incredible actually.

This guy greeted us at dinner by blowing on that conch shell, it was pretty incredible actually.

Things to Do

On the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort

  • Bike around the resort (bike tours available)

  • Swim/relax by one of the pools

  • Golf

  • Paddle boarding

  • Beach volleyball and other beach games

  • Take a fitness class

  • Use the gym

  • Eat!

  • Snorkelling tour


Off the resort

  • Half day trip to a Cenote (we went to Sac Actun). This was the only thing we had time for on this trip but there are many many many other options in this area including spending a day in Tulum, or going shopping on 5th Avenue


It was by far the nicest resort I’ve ever been too, with amazing customer service, incredible food and the highest level of comfort and convenience. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to go back!

For the full story on why I was there and what we did click here!