How to Get Started With Pinterest as a Traffic Driver to Your Blog


Like most people I used to only use Pinterest to look up last minute recipes, which I’d never actually pin, create moodboards for upcoming photoshoots, add to a home inspo or hair inspo board and call it a day. It was obvious to me that other people with blogs were creating pins but it all felt too complicated and I didn’t consider the potential traffic Pinterest could drive to my blog and even my Instagram.


Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Your Blog and Instagram

Here’s the thing, Pinterest is one of the largest internet search engines, right up there with Google and YouTube. And where Instagram lacks in the search-ability function (aka it’s impossible to find anything through hashtags) Pinterest excels!

Additionally Pinterest content lasts forever, and Pins can end up going viral years down the road, ever see that happen with an IG post? Probably not. So Pins can continue to drive traffic daily without you having to announce a blog post to your IG audience 179 times a month.

Plus, people are more likely going on Pinterest to find information or even buy a product vs. Instagram.

Here are some fun stats I sourced from Hootsuite’s ‘23 Pinterest Statistics that Matter to Marketers”.

  • 59% of Millennials have discovered products through Pinterest

  • 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions. Ie. boards are becoming less of a collection of inspirational photos and more of a shopping list.

  • Pinterest reaches 83% of women aged 25-54 - if your target market falls within this category this is important!!

  • 50% of new signups in 2018 were men - soo don’t be discouraged if your target audience is male

Okay so now you can see the value, but how do you get started?

How to Get Started with Pinterest

In your Pinterest account head over to the settings and connect your Instagram and website. This might require confirming through an email.

If you’re writing blog content regularly I’d recommend that moving forward that you create 4-6 pins per blog post and if you have time go back through the old ones and do the same. More on how to create pins in a minute.

Next create boards that makes sense for your business or blog titles. It’s recommended to have at least 20 boards with at least 20 pins on each. For example some of my boards are called “Instagram Marketing”, “Instagram Strategy”, “Social Media Strategy”, “Work From Home”, and “Influencer Marketing”.

Pro Tip: Choose board titles that someone would actually search for versus fun or cheeky names ex// “Summer Outfits” vs. “Summer Lovin’” .

Keywords on Pinterest

Keywords are simply words or phrases that reoccur within or describe your content, and words that people would use to search for it! Keywords are SO important on Pinterest so it can be helpful to create a note or google doc with short and long tail key words for your brand. Short-tail may be 1-3 words, long-tail may be 3-5+.

You’ll have the opportunity to add these keys words in Board Titles, Board Descriptions, Pin Titles, and Pin Descriptions. Within these descriptions it’s important to keep in mind that we DO NOT want to keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing is typing a description that is just a long list of keywords and is going to be flagged as spammy behaviour. Instead you want to write a conversational style description that incorporates key words naturally.

What Do I Pin?

You definitely want to be pinning your blog posts, and even your Instagram posts! If you use a program called Tailwind which I’m going to explain more it will prompt you to Pin your Instagram posts. In most cases you are going to have to re-write the description since Pinterest will automatically fill the description with your post caption which probably won’t make sense in the context of Pinterest. Instead to can write a description that describes the photo so that other blogger can use your image for inspiration or use the description to describe what your Instagram page is all about and drive traffic back over to your IG page. Lastly you will want to be Pinning other content that fits on your boards. It way easier to re-pin other content vs. constantly creating your own, and it also helps you round out your boards and increase your monthly number of pins pinned.


How Do I Make Pins?

First you want your pins to look like, well, Pins. Any old image isn’t going to cut it. Pinterest much prefers the vertical style images so I’d stick with that wherever possible.

Most people create their Pins using which is a free and very easy to use online graphic design platform. I’ve found that using the app is super frustrating and desktop is wayyy better.

Within Canva create a custom design with dimensions 735 x 1102 or 1128 x 1692, OR use one of the Pinterest templates on Canva to get you started! Make sure to use colours, images and fonts that are cohesive with your brand and blog so that when someone clicks through your Pin to your website they’ll know for sure that they are in the right place.

Once I’ve created these Pins I usually just create a copy of them every week and switch up the title and image based on the newest blog post. So yes, all of my personal pins look very very similar.

Pro Tip: Create some Pin templates that are just solid colours or colour blocks with text and some that have images for variety, you may notice that some perform better than others!

THEN comes uploading your Pins.

Within Pinterest you can upload each Pin one by one, create a title, add the link and write a description. Then you can pre-schedule when it goes live or publish immediately. However, if you are trying to Pin your pins to multiple boards (which you should), over a few days (which you should), then this gets to be super time consuming.

Cue Tailwind.

Tailwind is a Pinterest pre-scheduling app that allows you to bulk upload and preschedule Pins. It took my weekly Pinning time down from about 1 hour and a lot of brain power to 20 minutes of straightforward work. So. Worth it. Tailwind has a great free trial and then costs $14.99USD a month, I paid in full to lower it down to $9.99USD a month.

I just started using Pinterest intentionally about 4 months ago so my stats are nothing crazy but I feel good knowing that I am not letting my blog content go to waste after one announcement post on Instagram. It’s kind of like I’m dropping little seeds as links to my blog and in turn getting more eyes on my content and helping more people!

After figuring out this whole Pinterest and Tailwind thing for myself I actually decided to outsource the task to the lovely, Winnipeg based (virtually available everywhere), Chantelle of . She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to web design, branding and Pinterest! If you work with her make sure you let her know I sent ya ;) you

Okay good luck with your pinning! Maybe your first one can be one of mine below! Let the world know you’re taking action!


Johanna Adriaansen