The Analytics you Should Be Tracking on Instagram


Analytics on Instagram

Ugh, numbers can be stressful, especially when you are looking at a bunch of them and you aren’t sure which ones are important.


With Instagram potentially moving in the direction of ditching the like count we can imagine that likes might not matter so much anymore. On one hand that will be true in the public eye but on the other hand I can promise you that brands will still require your engagement rate (which includes likes).

Keep in mind that the disappearance of likes is currently a beta test in Canada.

What I think it will be good for is two things

1. People are less inclined to feel like they need to take down a post because it isn’t “doing well”. Without our peers or strangers being able to see the link count we won’t have the (mostly-self-imposed) feeling of public shame. From a mental health standpoint those insecurities can run deep and be very anxiety promoting, it’s a very really reality that social media can contribute negatively to mental health. IMO, outside of children, I believe that as adults it’s our responsibility to do something about how social media makes us feel. More on that in this blog (Why How You Feel On Social Media Is Your Responsibility).

2. Those who are producing great content will see an increase in likes and those who have a large following but aren’t putting out good content will see a drop.

Do you ever scroll through your feed and look at a post, you’re about to scroll by but then you see it has 12,476 likes so you like it too? So weird right?! And it doesn’t have even necessarily be a high number like that, I think it’s in context to whose account you are seeing so if “300 is pretty high for her!” then you might like it when you otherwise wouldn’t.

There’s some weird psych shit going on there but of course I’m guilty of it all too.

Okay okay, very off track, analytics!

There are 5 numbers I want you to keep track of

Frequency of Posting

How often you post should be an intentional decision and it’s also something worth experimenting with. If you have enough high quality content for it, try posting 4 times a week for 6 weeks, then try posting twice a week for 6 weeks, see if or how your engagement changes and make sure you show up daily on stories regardless! Once you find your happy medium you can continue to move forward with that posting strategy and never have wonder how often to post again.

Story Views

Take a little peak at how many views your stories get by swiping up on your own story slide. Also check out the drop off as your story progresses, if you are talking to the camera for 4 frames do a little mental math on how many people watched the first one versus the last. Make sure the story has been up for a few hours before you look too far into this. If there is a huge drop off you might want to consider putting text over your stories to describe what you’re saying or at least putting a headline style text on the first story slide so that people know what they are listening for!

Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate ahh a scary word and most people don’t even know what it means lol. Essentially your engagement rate is:

Likes + Comments

So, if you have 5,500 followers and your post gets 460 likes and 32 comments, then your engagement rate is 8.9% which is actually good! Generally the bigger the account the lower the engagement rate.

For example; 2,004 likes on an account with 167K followers seems normal and that engagement rate would be 1.2%.

In general 1-2% is rated as okay, 2-5% is rated as good, and over 5% is rated as great.

Sometimes during brand deals they will even pay based on your engagement rate.

Keep in mind for smaller accounts 5% could be considered on the medium size, it’s all kind of relative based on the number of followers you actually have. Regardless you should have a rough idea of what your engagement rate is.


Reach is an important one because it shows you how many people are actually seeing your content and from that you can determine a ‘conversion’ rate. So, for the X amount of people that viewed it how many liked it? You can find your reach by selecting insights under any post on your feed but this only works if you are listed as a business account.

Pro tip: Check out your ‘reach through hashtags’ as well! Then experiment with using different hashtags and see which ones are getting you the most reach with!

Follower growth

I’m putting follower growth last because I really don’t want it to be your top priority BUT it is still a very valid metric. You can keep track of this by making a note in your phone and updating it on the first of every month, or taking a screen shot once every two weeks. If you are starting to consider working with brands and upping your content game to do so this would be a good metric to share with them!


Okay so even if you hate numbers and even if you can’t do math or whateverrr the numbers don’t lie! So track your hard work on Instagram by noting these numbers and experimenting until you find what works for your audience!



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Johanna Adriaansen