8 Productivity Hacks That Will Change Your Game


Ironically, as I write this I am not having the most productive day. I’m in this weird limbo between 2 trips where I’m home for 3 days and have 3851 things to do, productivity is KEY, but my mind is scattered. Clearly I haven’t implemented any of my productivity hacks today. But cue up the power hour (you’ll know what that is soon enough) because I’m diving into writing this piece and it’s going to change your world!

Once you find some productivity hacks that you love and can easily implement into your life you’ll be off to the races. Different tactics work for different people which is why I’m giving you a list of EIGHT so you can try them out and see which ones sky rocket your getting-shit-done o’meter!

8 Productivity Hacks That Will Change Your Game

1. Power hour - hello time cube

Power hours are one of my favourite ways to get shit done and they are always ohhh so productive. Basically I clean up my space, turn my phone on do not disturb and grab my fav desk top decor..my white time cube from Amazon! I set it to an hour and get. to. work. I don’t stop the one task I’m working on until that little clock beeps and I definitely don’t touch my phone. 

When I’m really going for it I set a 60 minute power hour, followed by a 15 minute break where I might get a snack, refill my water, stretch, toss in a load of laundry or maybe scroll on Insta. But once that 15 minute timer goes off we’re back into the 60 minute power hour. Trust me, you’ll love this one. You can find a link to the time cube and all of my favourite productivity tools here .


2. Time Blocking 

Before you get too far down the productivity strategy rabbit hole we need to lay some ground work that allows us to measure how productive we can actually physically be. There’s nothing more draining than an over filled schedule of client work that never gets done ‘on time’ according to what you set up for yourself. 

Que time blocking. This is a strategy that I find helpful to implement when you are setting up your business because it helps you to determine how long tasks actually take you. Aka do it once and you’ll be good!

Plan to time block for 2-5 days in a row. Print out a basic table with a block for every 30 minutes of your workday. At the 30 minute or 1 hour mark write down everything you accomplished in that time. It’s not as tedious as it sounds and when you have 5 full days to review, it will become super clear to you how long different tasks take. For example, I’ve found it pretty much takes me an hour to make one Instagram post top to bottom (editing the photo, writing/formatting caption, prepping post, adding hashtags and staying on the app 15-20 minutes after posting to engage). It also takes me roughly 60-90 minutes to write, edit and format a blog post for a client.

Time blocking will also help you bill clients. Whether you bill on a deliverable or hourly basis it’s important to know how much you can get done for your own financing and for the sake of quotes etc. 

Here is my very basic Time Blocking Table - PS. Open it and click File > Make a copy. Or print it right away. Otherwise you’ll be editing the document and everyone else can see!

3. Batching 

You can probably guess what batching means. Instead of jumping from task to task it’s generally more productive to batch out a bunch of the same type of task. For example: 

-batch write your blog posts 

-batch record podcasts 

-batch email answering 

-batch photo editing 

Prep is Key

The more you prep for your batch work in advance the smoother it will run. Especially if you have a team on board. Make sure everyone is ready to put in a solid half or full day doing the specific task you’re working on. When done right you can have content ready months and months into the future. 

So many of the online mentors I look up to swear by this process, but to be honest, personally I can’t get into it. Writing blogs is pretty draining for me so the most I’m going to get done in a day is 3! I like to change the type of task I do to keep the momentum. 

4. Phone out of the Room 

Okay, this is a nonnegotiable. No matter what if my phone is out of arms reach I’m way way more productive! Just having it there means that every time my computer is taking more than 1/2 a second to load something I reach for my phone, scroll through probably 3 posts, watch a few stories, answer a few DMs and before I know it I’ve killed 10 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much but it adds up. 

I like having my iMessage logged in to my computer with the notifications turned off. That way I can check for texts without having to grab my actual phone but they aren’t super distracting and popping up on the screen every 5 seconds. 

5. Make a Short Daily To-Do List

Since I know you’re already organized with your on-going and probably never ending to-do list try cutting it down into daily tasks. 3-5 things that you can realistically do in a day. Based on your time blocking activity you’ll be able to know what you can realistically do. Create your list first thing in the morning or at the end of your work day in order to be prepared for the next day. Number the tasks in the order you are going to do them and….

6. Do the most daunting/dreaded task first 

If you get this out of the way then everyday you’ll have a sense of relief after you accomplish that one task that isn’t quite as appealing as the others. Organize your list worst-best task to keep the motivation up all day long. If we leave the worst for last there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to get pushed further down the to-do list, onto the next day.

7. Take Advantage of Small Pockets of Time

Whether you’re waiting for an appointment to start, standing in line or have 30 minutes between meetings you should know what you can take action on right away and get one of those things checked off. In order for this to work you need to always know what you’re working on so that when you sit down you’re ready to go and you don’t have to spend 30 minutes getting organized before you can even get started. In these little windows I time I like to answer emails, answer texts, engage on Instagram, prepare an Instagram post or if I’m driving listen to a personal development or business podcast.

8. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are 100% a productivity hack because they help focus longer and prolong eye fatigue. Since getting blue light glasses a few months ago I’ve totally noticed a difference in how much screen time I can handle without my eyes feeling sore or dry. I have a pair from the brand TIJN but I’ve also tried the brand Clearly and I liked their’s as well.

Those are your EIGHT productivity hacks but I wanted to touch on one more thing before we wrap up.

How to Be Productive When You Aren’t Motivated

When you really aren’t feeling motivated ask yourself, ‘whats one thing I can do to at least help some area of my business?’ This will most likely be a more fun task. Maybe for you thats writing a blog, making Pins, engaging on Instagram, or something as simple as cleaning up your desktop files. 

Also I find that when I look good I’m more productive. Is that super narcissistic? Probably. But when my hair and makeup is done I’m like, ‘ooh ya I’m a boss look at me go, I can do anything’. This doesn’t mean I get ready every day even though I work from home, I definitely do not and I spend most days makeup free but if I’m in a slump and it’s only 10am I know I have the rest of the work day ahead of my I take 15 minutes, straighten my hair, change into something nicer and put some make up on then boom! It’s the perfect reset.

Whenever I get anxious sitting at my desk by mid afternoon I either clean my office, or do something I can listen to a podcast while doing, something a little lighter, like editing photos, or even just choosing a new desktop screensaver. Then more often than now the podcast fires me back up into go-mode! 

Okay friend I hope you’re excited to go implement some or all of these productivity hacks! You got this!



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