When To Work On Your #SideHustle

When To Work On Your Side Hustle

You work a full time job, or you’re a full time student, maybe both. But you’re STILL trying to build a business. You’re obsessed with it but it’s not quite your full time position (maybe not even close) – you work on it when you can, but it’s hard to make it a priority, I’m talking about your #SideHustle .

I know you’re busy, and what person in their right mind takes on such a massive project while having a fully functioning ‘real’ life?! You baby, a person like ME and a person like YOU. You’re full of drive and passion, you’re motivated, you’re creative and you CAN do this.

The biggest problem can be finding the time to put those hours in – they often feel few and far between. So.. when should you work on your Side Hustle?

Well, in a word, anytime.


As an entrepreneur these projects might replace down time and that’s just a reality.

Instead of 2 hours watching Netflix you choose to sacrifice at least 1 hour to working. Instead of listening to music while you drive to work you choose to listen to an industry relevant podcast to get your knowledge up. Your side hustle work might look like 15 minutes here and there and have you ever heard of a Power Hour? That shit is key. More on that later.

Let’s look through the details, let’s find opportunity in your life:

Finding Opportunity in Your Unique Schedule to Build Your Business


Waking up early.

I get it, you’re ‘not a morning person’, but have you ever really been up in the quiet hours of the morning before traffic picks up and the messages start to come in, sipping coffee and watching the first light appear? It’s bliss. For me the first 15 minutes at 6am are a bit torturous, trying to wake up in the winter when it’s pitch black out, but once the coffee is poured and I’ve taken some deep breaths or done a light stretch and drank some water my body starts to wake up and yours will too. Waking up an hour or two earlier can add a LOT of productive time to your day. You don’t necessarily have to use this time to work on your passion project, maybe it makes more sense for you to work out in the morning, or do laundry and use that extra hour or two to work in the afternoon or evening on your big dreams!


Make use of small spaces of time.

You know those ‘hurry up and wait’ moments where you’re kind of in limbo waiting for the next activity or someone to arrive? Use. This. Time. If you only have 10-15 minutes this might mean opening a note on your phone and brainstorming your next blog post or reading someone else’s blog that is related to your industry. An easy one, post something on social media! Interact with your audience on Facebook or throw a (well crafted) post on Instagram.

If you have 20-30 minutes check something off that mile long to-do list I know you have. It’s all about making efficient use of your time.


Power hours.

60 minutes, uninterrupted work. SCHEDULE these into your planner and make them NON-NEGOCIABLE. No phone, turn your email notifications off or don’t check them, and do not schedule anything else in this space. For those 60 minutes you are at your desk getting one FOCUSED task done. There’s nothing worse than starting one thing for 15 minutes then remembering something else you wanted to do and switching paths. Before you dive into your power hour make a plan:

Example// 30 minutes blog post, 30 minutes photo editing

Boom. Believe me it’ll fly by but you’ll feel very accomplished.

I love using my time cube which I bought off Amazon. It's simple and ensures I don't have to look at my phone! It allows for different set amounts of time 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes so I can block out my whole damn day! 60 minutes work *beep beep beep* 15 minutes break *beep beep beep* 60 minutes work *beep beep beep* and on and on.



Evening work.

If you really truly are not a morning person, more of a night owl, then use the evening hours to your advantage. Personally, I’m pretty useless after 10pm and this is when I wind-down and watch a show with Jared. Other people like having their wind-down time right after dinner and then heading back to work for a couple hours from 9-11pm for example, it’s whatever works for you!

 Managing a Side Hustle is Hard Work

It can be overwhelming, it can be exhausting, it can be and IS hard. So make sure to take care of yourself – get sleep, nourish and care for your body whenever it needs it. You will be rewarded! You got this.

My Top Tools for Productivity

I also created a free download for you guys! It’s a 3 page PDF with clickable links to my must-have tools and services for being as productive as possible when I work from home! Click here to download!

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