Where to Work Remotely in Banff

I could write the generic ‘Guide to Banff’ blog posts but I find those are so ironic. You visit the place for one weekend and suddenly you can write a comprehensive guide?! I think guides should be written by local bloggers but that’s just my opinion *sips tea*

Okay that started off a little sassy! Basically I wanted this blog to cater more to my audience while still allowing me to share my travels.

So in mid-august my friend Jes and I flew to Alberta and rented a camper van from True North Custom Campers.


We took it through the mountains from Calgary, down to Kelowna and back up through Banff. Banff was definitely where we spent most of our time and with both of us being digital nomads, so to speak, aka remote workers, finding some solid wifi and good places to work was key!


There are a couple must haves, which if you work remotely or even study in cafe’s you can probably relate to.

Outlets, not too loud, not too quiet, not too cold, comfortable seating, cute aesthetic (obvi).

So we scoped out a few awesome places that we would feel confident sending any other remote workers too if they were in need!

Cafe’s to Work In In Banff

Good Earth Coffee in the Elk + Avenue Hotel

I actually don’t like Good Earth’s coffee. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t get on board. However, during this particular month I had taken 30 days off coffee and on this particular day I decided to indulge in an oat milk latte and I have to tell you it was delicious and I was right wired. Didn’t go to bed till 4am that night..

So aside from the high caffeine content Good Earth has a cute little side nook with a row of stool and plug ins, plus a ton of seating within the cafe itself and a patio. They have some healthy-ish food options too in case you really want to put in a long shift.

Good Earth is connected to the Elk + Avenue hotel and if you walk with confidence through their lobby you’ll come to this little seating area (photo on the right) which is a great little place to set up shop if you don’t feel like spending the $5 on a coffee. Not sure about getting connected to the hotels internet, you might be able to reach Good Earth or just ruthlessly ask the desk clerk #ActConfidentAndNoOneWillQuestionYou


Wild Flour Cafe

We didn’t actually work in here but I checked it out since it’s one of the highest recommended cafes. Heads up, it’s super small and the tables are at bench height. Not ideal unless you like being hunched over while working on your laptop. The vibe is cute but I probably wouldn’t work in here although there is some additional stools along the front window I could see the whole space getting very crowded during busy times.


White Bark Cafe

This space probably wins for aesthetics. Super white and bright on the inside, good coffee, all the non-dairy options and an awesome patio with tons of shade and sun. It felt like the cooler-hip hangout spot vs. the traditional Good Earth, I’m 90% sure they had a few outlets, however the seating was limited


Restaurants to Eat at (that you could technically work in)

Most restaurants have Wifi nowadays so I’ll briefly share where we went, even if you’re just looking for a screen break and a bite or some post-hike refuel.

Park Distillery

(pictured below) Unreal food, drinks, service and vibe. If you pulled your laptop here during a busy time they might be a little less than impressed but there is wifi!


Eddie Burger

Super good, small burger joint with 2 options for vegans/vegetarians as well.

Banff Avenue Brewing Co

This place is a little darker, mix of young crowd and families when we went but they also have a pool table so the vibe is chill. The food was okay, but it wouldn’t be the first place I go back to (Park would be)

EggSmart in the mall

If you want a good classic breakfast they have all the options. But they have NO wifi, this was very disappointing as we were both ready to whip out our laptops. But we just enjoyed the sunny window spot instead.


And a few other photos because how could I not share …

Sunrise at Morraine Lake  Get there before 5:30am if you want to park

Sunrise at Morraine Lake Get there before 5:30am if you want to park

Canoeing in Emerald Lake  $90/1 hour

Canoeing in Emerald Lake $90/1 hour

Banff is so beautiful and really is a crown jewel in our country! If you visit, enjoy and don’t hesitate to DM me if you have any questions about our trip!



Johanna Adriaansen