Why You Need to Niche Down with your Product, Service, Blog (and Instagram)


Hey there friend,

I’ve got lots to say, I’m diving right in.

Whether we sell a product or a service, host a blog, or are focused on growing our page in hopes of being an influencer and working with brands we HAVE TO speak to a target audience.

Even if we know our product could be useful for everyone IF they got their hands on it we still have to ask ourselves, "Who needs it enough to spend money on it? Who can we sell to best? or Who benefits from our content enough to engage with it".

If you think your product is for everyone, you’re selling to no one

When we are super clear on our ideal audience every piece of content will speak to them. Doing this helps repel those who probably won’t even buy something from us, this is a good thing! An audience of 10,000 with 1% interested in buying isn’t as good as a 500 person audience where 250 are interested in buying.

Here are Four examples// - Network marketer, Hair stylist, Blogger, and Crafter (hand made goods)

1- You sell the highest quality essential oils.

Sure everyone could and probably would benefit from using this product if they got it in their hands and were shown how to use it. BUT who are the people buying it? I'd guess primarily women, with mid-high education level and mid-high income. That's not to say you need a high income to buy your product, as I'm sure you've calculated how cost effective it really is, but when it comes down to groceries, a meal out or even something fun, that $45 is going to go to that thing before it's going to essential oils for the average person. SO you have to keep in mind that you're speaking to an educated, 20-45 year old woman, who is probably somewhat concerned with wellness and wellbeing. But that's still a little too broad..

You need to niche down even further. Maybe you become theee sales person of oils for 20-25 year old college females who need hormonal support, focus and energy. Or theee sales person of oils for 25-35 year old Moms with kids who are focused less on the pain/symptom relief benefits but more on the non-toxic products and how that will effect their home. And yes we know oils can do so many things but if you consistently talk about pain relief over and over and over than THATS what people will come to you for FIRST, thats what they will buy and then they can learn the rest later. Sure maybe some Moms will slip into your College target audience or vice versa but when you are talking to a small group every day you WILL start to attract them.

2 - You are a hair stylist.

Everyone needs their hair cut at some point, and many will get it dyed and just because you CAN do something with everyones hair doesn't mean you have to market that way. Instead you should pick, lets say, your FAVOURITE thing to do with hair and not just "colours", be more specific, "Blonde to blonder, natural tones with detailed and blended high lights and low lights". THAT is your thing and now you have become THE person when any girl wants to go from blonde to blonder and have it done right! Sure you’re still going to get up-dos and people that want to go dark and I'm sure you'll kill it too, it doesn't mean you don't take on these clients, it just means you make sure everyone knows that blonde to blonder is YOUR thing.

3 - You don't sell a product but you have a blog or IG account and you're looking to attract a bigger audience with.

You love to talk about fitness and health, but also beauty and you also share some fashion. This is tooooo broad girl! I get that you have varied interests but even 'lifestyle' pages focus primarily on one specific thing and that's where you need to start. Niche down first then build up. I know it's probably going to be hard to choose 1 main topic and blog about it 80% of the time but the other 20% can be spent on your pseudo interests and I promise you'll attract more quality leads when you become known for your _______ content (whatever that may be)!

4 - You sell hand made cards.

Everyone sends cards; birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries you name it. We all buy them. But what sets your product apart? And who do you imagine LOVING it. There's a difference between Dad running into Hallmark and grabbing the first card he sees and the 26 year old young professional who wants to send a unique minimal card to make her message that much more thoughtful. When you imagine this girl every time you design and style your card in a way that will start to attract her, she is your customer avatar and you need to keep her in mind everyday!

I get that it might seem scary to niche down. You don’t want to leave anyone behind that MIGHT want to work with you, but don’t worry those people will find you too they just aren’t your target because ‘might want to buy’ isn’t really good enough.

If you are focused on attracting your ideal client then you will also get to work with your dream customer more often! How great does that sound? When we work with your favourite type of people we become better service providers and happier humans.

Find your niche, serve your people!

Chat soon,