Why You Should Repurpose all your Social Media Content (and how!)



Side note…can we talk about how big this aloe plant is? My winter legs are so dry right now I look like an alligator and I just want to climb inside of it’s leaves…leaves? Arms? Let me bathe in you plant!!

Side note…can we talk about how big this aloe plant is? My winter legs are so dry right now I look like an alligator and I just want to climb inside of it’s leaves…leaves? Arms? Let me bathe in you plant!!

Think of your audience at this time last year. Was it 100 people smaller than now, 1000? That’s hundreds of people who didn’t have exposure to that bomb ass content you put out last year. Whether it’s blog posts or just Instagram captions that information can and a SHOULD BE repurposed! If you think of your favourite influencer or podcaster you’ve probably learned a thing or two from them or about them. Do you think I learned my favourite youtuber Sarah loves pink, smoothie bowls, Tropeka protein powder and White Boutique because she said it ONE time? No, it’s because she talks about these things constantly.

I like to think my audience thinks of me as the girl who; talks about instagram marketing, does photography, works with Influencers, eats relatively nutritious foods, has a big fluffy cat, drinks a lot of coffee, loves donuts and goes to spin classes because I’ve mentioned these things tonsss of times #onbrand.

As humans, repeat exposure is absolutely necessary in order for us to remember information or learn a new concept, so repeating your information will help your audience get to know what you’re about and also help form your brand. Soon your audience begins to remember YOU as the person that taught them XY or Z because they’ve heard you say it 5, 6, or 47 times! You might be thinking…47 times? Won’t they be super annoyed with me? And my answer to that is no. Chances are someone is following you because they like what you share and they like the constant reminders. Remember you are only getting their attention for a few seconds if that before they scroll on or move to the next piece of content. We are constantly stimulated with information coming from a million different directions and remembering something we read is one thing but taking action requires repeat exposure.

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuk you’ve probably realized he literally says the same stuff in every single piece of his content. Self awareness, be kind, work hard, be grateful, eat shit and hustle, don’t make excuses. But every time I hear him speak I still get pumped up because I love hearing those messages repeated over and over so I’m constantly reminded to take action on them.


A second obvious bonus to repurposing is that you don’t have to feel like you need to constantly be thinking of new content. If only 13 people read our very first blog posts and we think the content is still relevant or only needs a bit of tweaking why wouldn’t we quickly edit and re-write then re-share?! It’s a no brainer, time saver. Wait is that saying like a thing? I think it is now. Okay let me give you a..



Creating a repurposing strategy is a great way to keep your content organized. When I publish a blog post I set a reminder in my calendar and phone to repromote it in 3 months. If the time comes around and it feels too soon or I happened to had just shared about something similar I’ll just push it back another month.

Tactic number 1 is to repurpose longer captions into blog posts, you know those captions you wrote that were too short for a blog but kind of pushing it for a caption? Go back through your last year of posts, find those long captions and re-word them or expand on them and create a blog post, then share about the new blog you just wrote on Instagram. We can also turn past blog posts we’ve written into multiple captions by picking out the key points in the blog post and expanding it to a caption.

Okay, but what if I don’t have a blog? Totally fine. There are still ways to repurpose. You could use an old caption for Instagram stories! Turn the lesson from the caption into a 3-5 clip mini training session on your Instagram stories. Or simply use the caption again in another post with a new photo, or use the same key point from the caption but rephrase it a little bit.

Even old photos you love can be re-posted. If you were only getting 25 likes on a photo and now you’re getting 100 I’d definitely re-post that exact same photo as long as it’s still relevant. I think this I can be very powerful for photographers especially. Don’t be afraid to post a photo from a wedding you shot 3 years ago when it’s the dead of winter and you’ve used up all of the summer’s content! No need to disclose the date in the caption just share a memory or story from that day.


Here’s my biggest Pro tip for using images again. If you’re worried your audience will recognize the photo you can flip the image horizontally to give it a new look. OR chose a different photo from that same photoshoot. If you are going to use the flip trick you’ll notice that if there is any writing in the photo it will end up being backwards so you probably don’t want to use it in that case.

So, if you have a blog you should be promoting each post through an Instagram post, IG story, Facebook and Pinterest on the original publishing date (or within about 3 days) then hit up these platforms again three months later with the same content. That doesn’t mean you drop the content all together for 3 months no no no. You can re-pin that shit weekly! But at the 3 months mark you can put that link back in your bio and talk to your audience specifically about that piece again.

It’s all genius I know!!

Trust me, do yourself and your audience a favour by repeating content! It helps you build a brand, it helps your audience learn, and it saves time!

You’ve already created a jungle of content! You may as well get multiple uses out of it! (Ha, see what I did there >)

Chat soon,



Johanna Adriaansen