How to Write in Someone Else's Voice

Hi friends!

So summer is FINALLY here. I finished my university degree!! You're talking to the proud owner of a Nutritional Sciences Major and Business Minor. *oooo ahhhh*. Now that I have some more free time on my hands I've decided to jump two feet into creating all the content I possible can around working for an influencer, being a content creator and creating your own personal brand on Instagram. I've studied this stuff like its my GD second degree and I want to share everything I know! 

So today we’re talking about how to 'speak' (write) in someone else’s voice. This is such an important part of the job as a content creator because we are constantly playing different roles when we create for different brands.

Understanding their voice

Even before you get hired on with a brand or Influencer it’s super important to understand their ‘voice’. Are they sarcastic? Do they use lots of exclamation marks?!! Do they use slang? Funny hashtags? Do they swear? Do they use proper grammar? Knowing all these little details will not only help you land the job but also make it a lot easier when you are physically creating content. 

So how can you figure out their voice? I’d recommend reading through a couple weeks to a month of their most recent copy. And by copy I mean instagram captions, blog posts, tweets, etc. And noting down some repetitive tendencies - specific emojiis, how they sign off their blog posts and phrases or word they tend to repeat. You kind of need to not so low key stalk them.. Figure out what they do, what they are into, and what they are up to because that will make it so much easier for you to be of service for them. 

Often an influencer or blogger will want you to write a sample piece for them and they’ll probably give you a title. Now,  when you are writing they example draft for your dream brand or influencer you’ll know EXACTLY what points to hit!

Before I started working with an influencer I had followed her for years (obviously not a requirement) and knew everything from the name of her bunny to her favourite workouts. I studdddied and it made working together so much easier! 

Write what you know

It’s also important to know what you know and know what you’re good at. So for example, I know a lot about nutrition (like a whole degrees worth) and I have experience in the fitness industry. So when I write copy regarding these topics it comes super naturally and I have to do very little research or none at all. Buuuut if someone in interior design wanted to work with me I wouldn’t even know where to start and I don’t think I would benefit them as much. So I simply don’t work with clients outside my niche because I want to provide them with a much good content as possible.


There you have it. Go take some notes on your dream bloggers and show them your content creation skills. Before you know it you might be writing for them!

You guys can find me on IG @johhhanna . I make my blog posts into podcasts so if you're more of an audio consumer you can find me at The Instagram Lifestyle Podcast on the podcast app!