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"As a Holistic Health Coach, my time is generally spent bustling around the community, meeting with clients, etc.  I didn't really have a foothold on where to begin when it comes to being a consistent source of inspiration and information for my clients, and the greater community as well!  Johanna has an infectious energy, and she is a wealth of information and tips, I felt everything was tailored to what would make sense for me!  I feel so much more clear on my next steps and walked away with tangible to-do's"

-Deanna, Health Coach

Service Provided: Digital Marketing Consultation


"While my business, Expressions Film Studio, experienced incremental growth for the past 8 years, I wasn’t seeing much traction through social media. My Instagram page felt very scattered and forced. Johanna's insight and her tips proved very effective. She gave me valuable information on how to  create a more unified page, what kind of content to post, and how to save time with hashtags. With her expertise and guidance, I have grown my Instagram audience significantly and have even had client conversions! This is all thanks to Johanna’s wealth of knowledge."

-Reena, Expressions Film Studio