travelling photographer for influencers and bloggers


You're trying to book trips but you fear you'll have a hard time getting photos — your boyfriend can’t come or straight up doesn’t exist, and you're afraid to go solo. sound familiar? 

I'm a 23-year-old photographer who works primarily with influencers and bloggers to create the relatable lifestyle content your followers love. 

I've seen the back end of brand deals and have worked closely with influencers throughout campaigns for brands like Vital Proteins, Shiseido, Living Proof, One bar, Biossance, Adidas, and more.

my niche is wellness, fitness, lifestyle, and fashion. I’ll be your right-hand babe for all photo and/or copy writing needs throughout the trip.

Let’s get jet set together!

Let me help you:

  • Get tons of valuable content during your trip

  • Stress less about absorbing all the info the brand is sharing — if it’s a brand trip, I'll take photos and notes

  • Relax and enjoy the experience

  • Option: Edit your photos as we go

I'm open to flying anywhere on the globe with you! Email me with any and all details or questions you have, or feel free to creep me on the gram to see if we are a good match.